CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol utilizing technology. The platform uses decentralized storage protocols like and to store users’ social data. [1]


CyberConnect is based in Palo Alto and employs a team spread across the United States, China, Canada, and Europe. [2]

CyberConnect launched during the third quarter of 2021 as a decentralized social graph protocol. The V1 version allowed developers to create social apps utilizing a shared data layer of user connections and content. [15]

CyberConnect's V1 addressed developer challenges, such as the "cold start" problem of rebuilding social graphs. It allowed apps to leverage an open graph for smoother network effects. For users, V1 introduced the concept of portable social connections, no longer tied to specific platforms. However, it was limited to the Mainnet. [15]

In August 2022, CyberConnect released V2, incorporating a hybrid scaling architecture using both EVM blockchains and off-chain storage via , which enabled support for multiple chains like Ethereum, , and . [15]

V2 expanded creator monetization options by introducing EssenceNFT and SubscribeNFT smart contracts, allowing new token-based models like content collectibles and subscriptions. [15]

In July 2023 CyberConnect V3 was introduced. V3 comprises three core components: CyberAccount, an identity infrastructure compatible with ERC-4337; CyberGraph, a censorship-resistant database for recording users' content and social connections; and CyberNetwork, an energy-efficient and scalable network designed to extend the reach of CyberConnect. [3]

In March 2023, CyberConnect FanClub was introduced, a pilot for a loyalty program feature of Link3. Some features include Contribution Activities, FanPoints, and Rewards. [4]



CyberAccount is a collection of that collectively establish a user's self-sovereign digital identity, associating it with their content and social connections. This web3 account infrastructure is composed of four components: authentication and authorization, compatible, CyberID, and organization account. [5]


CyberGraph consists of a collection of smart contracts that link user identities (CyberAccounts) to their content and social connections. It facilitates the recording of this social data on multiple EVM-compatible blockchains. The unique middleware design of CyberGraph enables the storage of users' valuable social data on blockchain databases, opening up opportunities for novel social networking and community-building features, including potential monetization through tokenization. [5]


CyberID serves as an token, acting as an unique handler for an account within the CyberConnect social network. Unlike typical ERC-721 tokens, obtaining or minting a CyberID does not guarantee perpetual ownership. Instead, CyberID operates on a demand-based model with recurring fees. Failure to renew the registration of a handle results in its release to an auction process. [5]


W3ST is a non-transferrable with an on-chain issuer reference, serving as a digitally verifiable indicator of a user's standing within their community. It facilitates user connection in the web3 space. Organizations can utilize W3ST to recognize their committed supporters, establishing a verifiable system based on contributions. Additionally, W3ST aids in identifying potential members with shared interests and experiences. [5]


The CYBER token is the native utility and of CyberConnect. It will have a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens with the following distribution: [6]

The public sale took place on May 18th, 2023 through , introducing 3% of the total supply. [6]

Community Rewards

A portion of 12% of the total supply is allocated to the CyberConnect community for rewards. Out of this, 20% (equivalent to 2.4% of the total supply) was planned to be distributed to early adopters and existing community members at the time of listing. The remaining 80% of the community reward pool will be designated for contributors in future campaigns, with further details to be provided in the future. [6]



CYBER token holders can participate in CyberConnect Improvement Proposals. Proposals include implementing a service fee for paid transactions, adjusting the service fee rate, modifying acceptable payment tokens, expanding the protocol to new blockchains, allocating budget for a developer grant program and community contributor initiatives, and organizing community events for ecosystem development purposes. [6]

Payment for CyberProfile Minting

CYBER will serve as the primary currency for transactions when acquiring a premium username for a CyberProfile. [6]

Payment for Gas in CyberWallet

CYBER can function as a payment method for covering gas fees associated with transactions across EVM-compatible chains within the CyberWallet. It will be accessible on networks including , , , , , and . [6]


In November 2021, CyberConnect raised $10 million in a seed funding round. The funding round was jointly led by Multicoin Capital and Sky9 Capital. Additional participants included Animoca Brands, Draper Dragon, , Zoo Capital, Smrti Lab, and , along with other investors. This round was structured as a combination of equity and SAFT (simple agreement for future tokens). [7]

Through a Series A funding round that took place in May 2022, CyberConnect raised a total of $15 million. The leading co-investors were Animoca Brands and Sky9 Capital. [8]

Connected 2023

Connected was a web3 social hackathon hosted in February 2023 by and CyberConnect, where more than 100 teams participated. Users could vote on their favorite projects to get a chance to win Mystery Boxes. 200 Mystery Boxes were available, valued at a total of $50,000-$100,000. [9][10]

The winning projects were projects that won at least one bounty from the hackathon, and the results were announced on March 13 during the demo day. There were a total of 23 bounties, and there were at least 13 winning projects. Mentor and judges from BNBChain, Multicoin Capital, , Protocol Labs, Lattice Capital, Sky9, IOSG, and others joined the hackathon. [11]

The first three places were granted to Oasis Origin, Phaver and ReadOn, under the category of “Best Overall Web3 Social dApp built with CyberConnect and BNB Chain”. Other categories and winners included: [12]

  • Rising Stars: DegenReborn, DeBox, W3Space, Atem Network, Plato Protocol, Wondera, CyberTune, Wonderverse, Clasp, Huddle01, bFrenz, Rosen Bridge, Timeless Wallet, Null World, Hangout Metaverse, Gabby World
  • Best Overall Web3 Social dApp built with CyberConnect & Notifi: 0xLander
  • Best Overall Web3 Social dApp built with CyberConnect & Lit Protocol: Null World
  • Best Overall Web3 Social dApp built with CyberConnect & Livepeer: Dopamine App , 0xLander & Filmedia
  • Best Overall Web3 Social dApp built with CyberConnect & XMTP: Dopamine App, 0xLander , Atticc


CyberConnect x SphinxUp

SphinxUp is an NFT financial infrastructure asset pricing protocol. This partnership involves the utilization of CyberConnect's social graph protocol in Eyesfi, a product developed by SphinxUp. This integration aims to establish social relationships and introduce a decentralized instant messaging system into the NFT community. [13]

CyberConnect x ZetaChain

In November 2022, CyberConnect announced a partnership with ZetaChain, an omnichain smart contract platform. Both parties teamed up to create an omnichain social network, which allows users to maintain decentralized identities across different chains and platforms. The cornerstone of this initiative is an omnichain social graph in line with CyberConnect’s blockchain-agnostic design. User profiles, connections, and content will be represented as NFTs, allowing compatibility across all blockchains. [14]

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