Equalizer (EQZ) is a dedicated flash loan marketplace that aims to offer a better and more professional flash loan service than the existing solutions in the market.[1]

Equalizer is the first dedicated platform that equalizes markets. Specially designed as a marketplace for flash loans.[8][9]
Equalizer currently operates on multiple chains, including , , , and Optimism.[12]


The EQZ platform aims to become the standard in the market for Flash loans, thanks to the low and dynamic fees, a unique incentive scheme for liquidity providers, a fast and scalable infrastructure, unlimited token range, an integration-friendly philosophy, a unique governance model, and a multi-chain capability.
wikiEqualizer is that much-needed building block of that equalizes and balances the  market while making it more resilient. It also acts as a tool that can be used and integrated with other products and services.

With Equalizer, it aims to give people a service that is tailored to provide one core capability, which is providing flash loans, and do it perfectly better than so many of the “do-it-all” DeFi protocols and to be a vital cog in the greater interconnected ecosystem of DeFi that reshapes the financial industry and the world. [2]

Equalizer: Dedicated Flash Loans Marketplace

Flash lending is a revolutionary financial product unique to the decentralized finance world as it has no corresponding centralized finance product or service. It allows the borrower to take a loan, use it for profitable operations, and return it together with interest within the same blockchain transaction. [3]

Flash lending is risk-free for liquidity vaults and strengthens the concept of democratized finance as it allows the borrowers to use the entire available capital of the vaults.

Equalizer represents the first dedicated platform for flash lending, while currently on the market, and the only platform that offers flash loans as a side product, along with decentralized borrowing and other financial products. [4]

This allows for unprecedented levels of performance and unique value propositions across the DeFi ecosystem;

  • Low lending fees
  • Dynamic fees
  • Unique incentive scheme for liquidity providers
  • Fast and scalable infrastructure
  • Unlimited ERC20 token range
  • Integration-friendly philosophy
  • Unique governance model
  • Multi-chain and cross-chain capabilities

Equalizer Token

The Equalizer token denomination is EQZ and it represents the token used for platform governance. The total fixed supply is 100,000,000 tokens.


The Equalizer platform is governed through the DAO formed by the token holders. The Equalizer platform mint a total supply of 100,000,000 Governance Tokens. The Governance tokens are distributed to the core team, advisors, early adopters, and early investors and the rest will be for further development of the platform. Depending on the type of token holder, there are different vesting periods. The Governance token is not a financial instrument, it is used to fine-tune the parameters of the Equalizer platform and to adapt to the evolution of the DeFi market.  [5][6]
This governance structure is made possible by the following DAO-like voting procedure - each governance token holder can stake their tokens to vote and the weight of each user’s vote is proportional to the total number of tokens staked. EQZ is now live on the Ethereum mainnet.[7]

EQZ Use Cases:

  • EQZ gives access to a set of premium services that help to improve a user's strategies of using the flash loans (educational content, preferential flash loan services with smaller or zero fees, additional tools and services that help the arbitrageurs to improve their strategies)
  • It also serves as an Incentive for users and contributors to the platform to boost the usage of the flash loan services.
  • EQZ helps Stimulate the uptake and integration of the Equalizer platform in other existing or future platforms in the DeFi market.
  • Funding pool for R&D projects with a focus on multi-chain and cross-chain capabilities.[10]

Supported Exchanges:

Equalizer Partners

Team Members

Equalizer Team includes, a group Multi-skilled team that knows how to deliver complex platforms, they are:

  • Julian - Product Leader
  • Alen - Blockchain Architect
  • Stefan - Lead Developer
  • Liviu - Project Manager
  • Alex - Technical Lead
  • Pablo - Devops[13]
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