Intella X

Intella X is a gaming platform that maintains and operates a , marketplace, , and launchpad for users. Popular games on Intella X include Brave Nine, , Crypto Golf Impact, etc. [1][2][3]

In January 2023, Intella X closed a private funding with $12 million raised. Investors involved include , Planetarium, Big Brain Holdings, Global Coin Research, and . [15]

Service Protocols

Intella X uses “proof of contribution” to identify contributing members of the platform’s ecosystem and reward them for their contributions. [3]

Proof-of-Contribution (PoC)

Proof-of-contribution (PoC) is used by Intella X to incentivize and reward ecosystem contributors, including platform providers, game developers, and users, with the native platform token, Intella X (IX) token. [3]

Unlike (PoW) or (PoS) consensus algorithms, where miners and validators are rewarded for processing and validating data on the , PoC perpetually rewards contributors for actively participating in the ecosystem without the need for hardware or software. The contribution rate of ecosystem participants is determined by analyzing both on-chain and off-chain data, which dictates the number of tokens each contributor receives monthly on a pro-rata basis. [3]

Through the 'Develop and Earn' basis, the protocol rewards game developers in the Intella X ecosystem with Intella X tokens each month, based on their game's contribution. This incentivizes developers to create engaging content while earning additional revenue. [2][4]

Intella X's PoC protocol also allows gamers and ecosystem users to contribute by depositing Intella X tokens and other digital assets into the Intella X . In return, they earn additional IX tokens and Game Tokens, enhancing the Contribute-Play and Earn feature alongside the existing Play and Earn functionality. [4]

Revenue Redistribution

Users can contribute to the platform's ecosystem and earn actual shares of the platform's revenue in the form of various digital assets, including , Intella X tokens, and game tokens, by or providing liquidity to the platform's ecosystem. [4]

Platform Services

Intella X Wallet

The Intella X wallet is a proprietary, non-custodial web3 wallet that is optimized for game services, on the platform. Services include digital asset management, , Marketplace, Launchpad, etc. Users can access the platform services from their mobile or as a browser extension. [9]

Intella X DEX

A (DEX) like Intella X eliminates intrusive KYC procedures and allows users full custody of their assets. Users interact directly with liquidity pools to trade assets without a centralized authority. Intella X's DEX enables the swapping of digital assets, including game tokens, for an enhanced Web3 gaming experience. [5]

Intella X Launchpad & Marketplace

Intella X offers services that allow developers to launch their and users to trade them. The platform operates its own NFT Marketplace, which is a trading hub for all NFTs in the Intella X ecosystem. [6]

The Intella X Launchpad, through which developers can launch their NFT collections, is where users can participate in NFT events. Users who have NFTs can trade them on Intella X's own NFT Marketplace. The launchpad helps raise awareness regarding upcoming project launches within the community, and Intella X users can mint NFTs effectively using their wallet application. [6]

Token Exchange

Intella X offers a token exchange service within its gaming platform, allowing users to trade between digital assets and in-game items. Through this exchange, users can convert assets like USDC.e into in-game currency and vice versa, facilitating transactions between Web3 games and the Intella X platform. [7]

Each game on Intella X has its own token exchange website, accessible through the platform's application, where users can connect their wallets and transfer assets between the game and the platform. Regardless of the game, the token exchange process remains consistent, enabling users to convert assets easily. [7]

Polygon PoS Bridge

Intella X incorporates the Polygon PoS Bridge feature into its wallet application, enabling users to transfer assets between the and networks. Traditionally, digital assets are limited to the network on which they are issued, but through bridge protocols like Polygon PoS Bridge, users can utilize assets across different networks. With this integration, users can follow steps to transfer assets from one network to another directly within the Intella X wallet application. [8]

Intella X Token (IX)

Intella X token is the native token of the platform. With a fixed supply of 2,000,000,000 tokens, the token is multifunctional and weaved into the platform's ecosystem to power the platform and interact directly with other individual game tokens. It serves as the basis for all transactions within the platform and is utilized for platform accessibility, contribution rewards, governance, and meta-transactions. [9]


A total of 2 billion Intella X tokens was allocated thus: 45% to the ecosystem, 15% for Presales, 15% for the Team, 10% for partnerships, 5% for marketing, 5% on Liquidity provisions, and 5% on reserves. [9]

Intella X Game Ecosystem

Intella X is home to a diverse pool of games across all genres. The games include:


Intella X partners include:

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Intella X

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