Kieran Warwick

Kieran Warwick is a Co-Founder of , a blockchain-based game that incorporates fantasy elements and is built on the network. He contributed to shaping the game's strategic direction and integrating blockchain technology to enhance the gaming experience.[1][2]


He completed his Higher School Certificate (HSC) at Barker College, covering the academic years in 2007. This educational background provides a foundation for his subsequent endeavors in the gaming industry.[1]


Kieran Warwick's started his career as a Store Manager at Domayne Auburn in 2007, followed by a brief tenure as a Franchisee at Harvey Norman in 2011. His entrepreneurial pursuits led to the co-founding of Audio Invasion in 2012.

In subsequent years, Warwick transitioned into roles that included serving as a Sales Marketing Director at Blueshyft. In this capacity, he managed the Sales and Marketing team, identified potential partners, and expanded the platform's network. Following this, he became Chairman at The Burger Collective in 2016, overseeing various aspects such as membership growth, capital raising, corporate partnerships, revenue model development, budgeting, and building the restaurant network.

In 2020, Warwick, together with his brother , co-founded , a game studio focused on play-to-earn games within the blockchain .[1][2]

Beginnings in Cryptocurrency

In 2016, Kieran Warwick ventured into , initially drawn to after considering as a missed opportunity. Because of experiencing losses from a significant investment in , he temporarily distanced himself from the crypto realm. During this period, Warwick explored the idea of creating a monetized burger review app with delivery services, but the onset of COVID-19 disrupted the project.

Motivated by his brother , the founder of protocol, Kieran received a $100,000 investment for trading just before the bull run, resulting in substantial profits. While initially contemplating a venture capital firm, Warwick shifted focus upon discovering the potential of gaming, aligning with the expertise of his brothers— , a game designer, and a CGI modeler. This led to their entry into the gaming space.[3][2]

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Kieran Warwick

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