Illuvium is a decentralized, non-fungible token (NFT) collection and auto battler game built on the Ethereum network. Integrated with the Immutable-X L2 solution, players of Illuvium gain access to zero gas fees for minting or exchanging of assets as well as sub-second transaction times, all with user-maintained custody.[2][4]
Illuvium is supposed to be launched in Q3 2021.[1] It was delayed untill 2022.[5]


Illuvium is an open-world narrative-driven exploration game. It combines elements of traditional RPG collection games with fight mechanics seen in the auto battler genre.

Illuvium offers players and investors an opportunity to collect, trade, battle, and earn rare and valuable assets. In addition, DeFi (decentralized finance) staking mechanisms allow for the fees earned within the game to be paid out to staked token holders as ongoing rewards for providing liquidity.[2]

Founding Illuvium DAO contributors, Kieran and Aaron Warwick are the younger brothers of Synthetix founder, Kain Warwick.[2]

The Illuvium token genesis event will take place in Q1 2021.[2]


Illuvium is an RPG game where players travel to various regions of the world and encounter creatures called Illuvials which they battle. By defeating them in combat the player has the option of capturing them in Shards. Players gradually build up a collection that grows in power over time, which they can use to venture into more dangerous regions or battle other players.[3]

One of the many ways Illuvium differentiates itself from other RPGs is in combat, which is not turn-based. Instead, each combat instance is an auto battle, where the player selects and places their Illuvials strategically with the intention of countering their opponent. As such it is extremely important to select Illuvials that synergize well with each other and are strong against the opponent’s selection.[3]

Game Modes

There are two planned arenas both with different rules. In the Ranked Arena players will be on equal footing. Experience levels will be normalized, and each Illuvial will have a point cost associated with it, making combat much more skill based. The Leviathan Arena will have no such restraints.[3]


Users can begin by personalizing the character. Following that, choose Polymorphic Subordinate Drone. You can then go out to investigate the many parts of the globe and the secrets that destroyed it after each user and their companion are prepared. Players will run upon combatable illuvials as they explore. If they are in check, use a Shard to seize them so that they are always yours. The strength of the Shards might fluctuate, so use caution. Stronger Illuvials are more likely to defeat weaker Shards. Those who are just starting out will be able to mine free shards, but they will only be able to capture a small number of weaker Illuvials. However, you will be able to begin playing the game for free and pick up the basics. This, in our opinion, is a refreshing departure from games that demand a hefty initial investment to play. There are many places to visit, but the majority won't be open to the initial generation of gamers. Players will eventually be able to access Obelisks that open up new, stunning, difficult, and significant places as well as new Illuvials to fight and gather, shedding further insight on the mystery of what really transpired.


When the battle begins, each Illuvial will find an enemy target and begin attacking them. Over the course of the battle, through attacks and damage, they will gain energy. Once they hit a certain threshold they will unleash a special Ultimate Ability, which can change the course of the game. These Ultimates can do damage, enhance allies or themselves, hinder enemies, or hit with such force that foes are thrown around the arena. The battle ends when one team has been fully defeated.[3]


In the adventure mode, after a successful encounter, the player will be able to capture the defeated Illuvials. To do this they must use a Shard. These range in capture power. This capture power, combined with the power of the Illuvial itself determines the chance of capture. If a player succeeds, then the Illuvial will be theirs. If a player fails, then there is a chance that the Illuvials will flee.

Illuvials NFT

The Illuvials NFT is the fundamental Illuvium game asset. The true nature of Illuvials is not fully understood, but what is known is they are deity-like creatures that roam a broken planet. Over time they grow and evolve, taking on new, more powerful forms. Each Illuvial has an affinity for certain elements in the world around them, making them more powerful in some situations than others. As such a player is rewarded when they add Illuvials that leverage the strengths of their existing team.[2]

Some Illuvials are more common than others. The power of Illuvials also varies and is loosely related to their rarity. If a player manages to defeat them in battle, they can collect them in Shards stored on the blockchain. If a player does not have much time to play, but still wants a powerful deck, then they head to the Exchange where they can purchase Illuvials from other players. Rare Shiny, Gold, and Holographic captures are far less common and far more valuable.[2]
The most important attributes of an Illuvial are its Affinity and Class. There are 5 base Affinities and 5 base Classes in the game. Stronger Illuvials may embody multiple affinities or classes, giving rise to a much greater variety of team compositions. The player is rewarded for selecting Illuvials of the same Affinity or Class through unique bonuses. The more on the battlefield with that synergy, the stronger the bonus.


There are 5 basic affinities in the game: Water, Earth, Fire, Nature, and Air. The damage that each Illuvial deals or takes depends on the affinity of both them and their enemy. A Fire Illuvial will deal additional damage to a Nature Illuvial but will take more damage from a Water Illuvial.[3]


There are 5 basic classes in the game: Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, Psion, and Empath which roughly match up to traditional RPG classes.[3]


Illuvials do not evolve, as they do in more traditional RPG games. Instead, they fuse together to form more powerful stages of development. In order to fuse, two requirements must be met. Firstly, the player must have three of the same Illuvial. Secondly, each of those must have reached their maximum level, which is achieved through combat. Players also have the option of Bonding with one of their Illuvials to gain additional bonuses in combat.[3]

In-Game Purchases

ETH is used for all in-game purchases and the fees are sent directly to the Illuvium Vault.

  • Shard Curing
  • Imbues (Modification to various elements of the game such as weapons or Drones)
  • Wagering Battles
  • Illuvium Revival (medical fees)
  • Obelisk Travel
  • Enhancements (Powerful stat boosts to the Illuvials)


The appeal of the game for some players will be exploring other continents and gathering illuvials. This may be highly profitable, especially if a player is able to seize a strong and uncommon object. Over time, it will becoming more difficult to catch illuvials. Their capture rate will alter when more are discovered since it is inextricably linked to the number that has been so far caught. Illuvial capture will become more challenging. Your current team's power will increase as you explore and come across Illuvials in the wild.

Battle Arenas

Other players may decide to engage in combat to demonstrate which Hunter is the best. These players will line up in the Ranked Arena where they will have the option of being paired with a chance opponent of a comparable skill level or calling out other players in impromptu wagering battles in the Leviathan Arena. It will be possible for other participants to watch and place bets on the results.

IlluviDEX (The Illuvium Exchange)

Players may purchase and sell any in-game NFT on the Illuvium exchange, an online market controlled by the Illuvium DAO. All NFTs found in the game may be exchanged on the IlluviDEX, however trading Illuvials is its main focus.

Mining and Harvesting

Your subordinate drone is more than just a cool piece of technology. Your PSD may harvest minerals from the planet's surface and forge them into valuable goods in addition to serving as storage and support during combat. Deposits that include ore, uncured shards, and precious stones are scattered over the terrain. After gathering them, use your drone to forge the materials with energy to create armor and weapons. Some minerals are significantly rarer and provide your equipment stronger perks. Use these on your own to get an advantage in battle or offer them for sale on the IlluviDEX. Trees that produce diverse alien fruits that pulse with energy are also abundant in Illuvium.Harvest them to provide your Illuvials combat advantages or to cure them remotely without returning to Sanctum Mesa.


The game's most crucial item is definitely shards. Players may only catch Illuvials that are the greatest in battle using these shards. As a result, before exploring the environment, each player should have a few on hand. Although you may mine them from deposits, you should always have a backup plan in place in case you come across a rare Illuvial. Shards, like the majority of the game's components, are ranked according to how well they can capture Illuvials in different levels. The tougher they are to capture, the stronger the illuvial. A powerful shard will be most useful in this situation.Random factors determine the shard's quality, with the most potent ones being the rarest. Check to the IlluviDEX where you can buy shards if you want to be sure you can catch everything you find in the world.


It's not just the Illuvials who battle in Illuvium. The player character gets to engage in combat while using cutting-edge weapons that may be adorned with jewels that contain the essence of Illuvials. This allows you to produce an aura that will increase your Illuvials while you are engaged in combat. Your squad will benefit more depending on the class you choose while choosing your weapons. Similar to the majority of the game's NFTs, weapons may be sold on the IlluviDEX.


Armor serves as your barrier against the creatures you battle and is also manufactured from materials collected on Illuvium. You might have to wait until your armor regenerates if it sustains too much damage. The combat, however, may be affected by your choice of armor because each suit has unique characteristics. One of the numerous choices you will have to make throughout the game is which one is best for you and your squad. Like the majority of other NFTs in the game, armor may be sold on the IlluviDEX.


Imbues are aesthetic adjustments that can increase the worth of a player's collection by further setting apart their purchases from others. Imbues have a modular design and may be used on a variety of objects. You can also choose to put them up for sale on the IlluviDEX. In the game, a number of items—including weapons, armor, and even your Drone—can be infused.

Illuvium x Bulldogs Official Jerseys

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs' official sponsor. For Illuvium and one of the first in sport for a Triple-A Gaming studio that allows gamers to own their in-game assets, the relationship with the Bulldogs is an elite sports alliance.
The partnership between the platform and Illuvium x Bulldogs 2022 Official Jersey and Cosplay NFT is exciting. The Bulldogs' jersey, created specifically by Illuvium for their Round 25 match, contains ILV obelisks and armor. A jersey that has been autographed and game-worn by a Bulldogs player will be given to 19 randomly chosen buyers of the Illuvium x Bulldogs 2022 jersey.
Each Bulldogs x Illuvium Bundle contains the following:

  • Illuvium x Bulldogs 2022 Jersey

  • Illuvium x Bulldogs Exclusive Cosplay NFT

  • Bulldogs 2023 Classic Membership

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