LEO is a on the that represents , the founder of STX's cat.
On the 30th of December, 5% of the total supply of $LEO was airdropped to users who interacted with $STX.[1][3]


LEO was founded in December 2023 by a team of individual builders on Stacks, premier . It is a that represents , the founder of ' cat.[3]

LEO aims to foster a culture for . Its team identified an excellent opportunity to support the growth of the Stacks ecosystem and wanted to contribute to onboarding the next 100,000 users. Currently, there are over 7,000 wallets that hold $LEO, and efforts are ongoing to increase this number. The team also operates, a product designed to be the of , with its v1 already operational.wikiLEO offers its native token called LEO, which can be traded on ALEX, a exchange established in 2022, as well as MEXC.

On February 27th, LEO was listed on MEXC and is tradable on MEXC via a USDT/LEO pair.[6]

More than a cultural as a bridge for adoption into STX. We're committed to building tools to enhance your experience on Stacks. No promises, just surprises Stay tuned.[2]


The $LEO has a total and maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens. To ensure a fair launch, the team allocated 95% of the tokens to the ALEX DEX . The remaining 5% was distributed as follows: 1% to Muneeb, 1% to the top 2000 Alex holders, 2% to STX20 holders who owned more than one unique ticker as of December 25, 2023 (three times as much for those with more than ten inscriptions), 0.5% to the top 500 WELSH holders, 0.25% to the top 500 DIKO holders, and 0.25% to the top 500 stSTX holders. The team did not withhold any tokens, and the liquidity pool was subsequently burned.

During the first block, the team observed a 1k STX transaction and preemptively matched it to maintain a fair distribution, acquiring 18% of the tokens. Of this, 4% was sent to Muneeb, 5% was burned, and the remaining 9% is currently held by the team for future redistribution through airdrops, exchange listings, and other growth-related activities for LEO.


Stxtools is a DexTools platform customized for Stacks, designed to provide users with essential tools for tracking spending, monitoring investments, and understanding market trends. It offers a robust $STX analytics tool that displays swaps, transfers, token holders, PNL, and more.

Key features include:

  • Real-time transaction tracking
  • Investment monitoring dashboard
  • Market insights and analytics [7][8]


$LEO operates on the Stacks blockchain, a decentralized protocol that enables  and  to use  as an asset and settle transactions on the .

The Stacks layer uses Proof of Transfer (PoX), which involves miners using already-mined BTC to bid for the chance to write new blocks on the Stacks layer and receive STX rewards. PoX operates similarly to , but instead of solving complex cryptographic puzzles, miners bid with BTC, and the bid weight determines their chance of becoming a leader. This process leverages the security of the chain and allows Stacks to reuse Bitcoin's work without significant additional energy consumption, as only standard laptops or computers are needed to bid using BTC.[4][5]

How To Buy $LEO

  • Step 1: Acquire STX from a Crypto Exchange: Start your journey by purchasing STX from a trusted exchange like , ByBit, or .
  • Step 2: Create a Stacks Wallet: Set up a Stacks wallet, such as Xverse or Leather, and transfer the acquired STX to your Stacks address.
  • Step 3: Connect Your Wallet to AlexLab: Head over to AlexLab and connect your wallet to get started.
  • Step 4: Swap STX for LEO: Swap the STX for LEO, ensuring to keep some STX for transaction fees. The slippage of 5-10% to increase the likelihood of a successful swap is suggested.

Buy from MEXC

To buy $LEO from MEXC, you only need to follow a few steps. First, create a MEXC account if you haven't already. Then, deposit your funds into your account in the form of USDT. Once your funds are deposited, go to the Spot trading section on MEXC's platform. Search for $LEO in the trading pairs list, and select the USDT/LEO pair. Finally, execute your trade to swap your USDT for $LEO.

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