MAGA VP is a Trump-themed that launched on February 10, 2024. It positions itself as a meme rewards token on the dedicated to supporting presidential candidate Donald Trump's VP. The coin also aims to bolster the ecosystem by enhancing liquidity and passively rewarding MVP holders in tokens through a buy-and-sell tax mechanism[1]

As of April 8th, 2024, MAGA VP has distributed 22.61 ETH, worth over $70,000, in $TRUMP rewards to its MAGA VP holders.


MAGA VP is a revolutionary meme coin created on the the to support the Trump MAGA Community through innovative and strong commitment. It is a project within the MAGA TRUMP ecosystem, aiming to become the recognized Vice President meme token, while rewarding holders in MAGA TRUMP. MAGA VP was basically designed to support the values of the MAGA movement, which includes donations to U.S. veterans and Child Rescue Initiatives.[2]

MAGA VP was established in February 2024 by a visionary team, led by a core founder who is a prominent MAGA TRUMP holder. The project is further supported by a consortium of MAGA TRUMP whales, contributing significantly to the project's growth and development.

MAGA VP was created to drive value within the ecosystem while supporting the community's goals. It focuses on community engagement and support, serving as a tokenized symbol of unity among TRUMP supporters. MVP aims to strengthen both the MVP and TRUMP ecosystems by uniting TRUMP holders through decentralized technologies, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

MVP achieves this by allocating token taxes to TRUMP rewards and liquidity pools, creating a sustainable ecosystem that rewards engagement. Its expansion to the Solana blockchain enhances accessibility and scalability, enabling more users to participate seamlessly.

In essence, MAGA VP represents a vision of community-driven empowerment and innovation within the ecosystem. By leveraging the collective strength of TRUMP supporters, MVP aims to redefine the perception of meme tokens.[3][4]

MAGA VP has collaborated with over 5 high-end crypto influencers, including JAKE, Rodney, Crypto June and many others.[5]


MAGA VP has a total token supply of 47.5 million MVP, symbolizing the future 50th Vice President and marking a significant milestone in the MAGA VP journey. It operates on both the and , serving as a distinct entity from TRUMP while contributing to the growth of both projects. A portion of the token tax is allocated to injecting liquidity into the pools () for both $MVP and $TRUMP, ensuring stability and accessibility within their respective ecosystems.

The token employs a unique tax mechanism, with 2% allocated to various ecosystem aspects: 1% is dedicated to TRUMP rewards for MVP holders, enhancing community engagement, while an additional 0.5% is allocated for marketing efforts, amplifying exposure and visibility. Additionally, 0.25% contributes to both the TRUMP LP and MVP LP, reinforcing liquidity and stability within the ecosystem.[8]
wiki$MVP tokens can be traded on centralized  exchanges and decentralized exchanges, which includes  ,, DigiFinex, IndoEx, , and Jupiter.[9][10]


MAGA VP is a groundbreaking platform that offers unique benefits to all $MVP holders. Through this innovative application, MVP holders can securely connect their wallets to unlock exclusive rewards, including TRUMP tokens, as a token of appreciation for their loyalty.
By simply connecting their wallet to the , holders gain access to a transparent and efficient rewards system. They are rewarded with TRUMP tokens based on their MVP holdings, incentivizing long-term holding and active participation within the MVP and TRUMP ecosystems.

The dApp provides real-time updates on TRUMP rewards balances, ensuring transparency and accountability in the distribution process.

Moreover, MAGA VP's dApp prioritizes user security by employing industry-standard security measures. It utilizes robust encryption protocols and secure authentication mechanisms to protect users' assets and personal information from unauthorized access and malicious threats. This focus on user security and privacy provides MVP holders with a safe and trusted platform to interact with their tokens and access exclusive rewards, instilling confidence and peace of mind among users.[6][7]


MAGA VP is a multi-Chain token which operates on , blockchain, BNB chain and leveraging the power of Solana enthusiasts, and L2 solutions with low gas fees and fast transaction times, as well as utilizing a unique token tax mechanism to allocate funds towards TRUMP rewards for holders, liquidity pool reinforcement, marketing efforts, and more.

Team Members

MAGA Team members include Top holders of the token.

  • Robby - Founding Father
  • Luke - Prodigal Son
  • ĐΔŘҜ - Nice Guy Artist
  • Kuku - Voice of the Republic



  • Develop Website
  • White Paper v1
  • Donate 1% Total Supply to Donald Trump's Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Build MAGA VP dApp for holders to track TRUMP rewards.

Phase 2

  • Vice President elect announcement draws closer
  • Grow MVP family though community engagement
  • Wormhole MVP on additional blockchains
  • Forge strategic partnerships
  • FIAT On-ramp
  • 10 CEX Listings
  • Commence Global Outreach Campaign

Phase 3

  • Vice President Elect Announced
  • Donate 500,000 MVP to the Vice President Elect and launch VP Logo
  • Collaborate with Republican communities - Strengthen the MAGA mission
  • $100,000 added and burned to the MVP and TRUMP LP.
  • Forge The United States of MAGA.
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