Moby is a blockchain-based platform designed to innovate the landscape by fostering a community-driven approach.

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Moby is a -based platform uniquely designed to transform the landscape by prioritizing community-driven projects and promoting democratic investment processes. The platform aims to reduce the influence of large, single investors—commonly known as 'crypto whales'—by ensuring that the community maintains majority ownership of token supplies and a substantial share of platform fees. This approach not only fosters transparency but also seeks to restore integrity and trust in ICOs, challenging the traditional fundraising models that are often dominated by institutional investors and centralized decision-making. Through Moby, the power of ICO governance and the economic benefits are shifted towards the wider community, supporting a more equitable distribution of resources and opportunities within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.[1]

Governance and Tokenomics

  • Governance : The platform's governance model involves a public portal where decisions are jointly made by a due diligence committee and token holders, ensuring fair and transparent evaluations.
    • Due Diligence Committee of Moby Platform
      The Due Diligence Committee of the Moby platform plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and robustness of its ICO ecosystem. Composed of experts from various fields including blockchain, finance, and law, this committee is a cornerstone of Moby’s decentralized governance model.
      Key Features :
      • Thorough Evaluations : Analyzes ICO proposals with a focus on cryptographic security, consensus mechanisms, and smart contract architectures.
      • Transparency Process : Employs Moby's Due Diligence dashboard to ensure transparent and auditable evaluation criteria.
      • Decentralized Governance : Decisions are made through decentralized voting, promoting fairness and democratic engagement within the platform.
  • Tokenomics : $MOBY token supports staking and governance, with the platform charging lower commissions than typical launchpads. Half of these fees are redistributed among token stakers, incentivizing their participation and investment.
    • Staking Tiers on the Moby Platform
      The Moby platform implements a tiered staking system for the $MOBY token, which categorizes users into six distinct tiers based on the number of tokens they stake. This system is designed to incentivize and reward user engagement and investment in the platform.wikiTier Benefits:
      • Incentive Structure : Each tier offers different levels of incentives, influencing how rewards are distributed among participants.
      • Alpha Chest's High Compensation : Higher tiers gain better benefits from the Alpha Chest, which is the platform's mechanism for distributing airdrops to stakers.
    • Staking V2[3]
      MOBY Staking V2 was developed to address disparities in the initial program, ensuring a more equitable distribution of rewards and enhancing the overall effectiveness of the staking strategy. The system integrates community feedback and adapts to the evolving needs of the ecosystem, establishing a foundation for sustainable growth and active participation.
      Key Features :
      • Rewarding Early Stakers : V2 acknowledges early participants by providing additional incentives through Moby CHIPS.
      • Encouraging Higher Stakes : To foster ecosystem growth, V2 prioritizes higher levels of staking.
      • Balancing Staking Tiers : The tier system is recalibrated to maintain fairness and engagement across all stakeholder levels.
      • Inclusion of Unvested $MOBY : Tokens acquired from the ICO and still unvested can now be staked, with specific multipliers applied based on the staker's group

Technical Infrastructure and Development

Moby employs smart contracts to facilitate secure, automated operations. The platform embraces decentralized architectures to reduce centralized risks and bolster security with advanced cryptographic functions.

  • Innovative Token Standards : Supports dual-chain capabilities with the $MOBY token available in and , enhancing interoperability and security across the and ecosystems.
  • Enhanced Scalability : Plans to integrate solutions for improved scalability and efficiency. And according to Season 2, which was released in April 2024, Moby Team plans to expand to the chain[2]

Platform Structure

wikiThe Moby platform comprises several key portals. It is currently being developed for various extensions

  • Investment Portal : Simplifies the ICO participation process for retail investors.
  • Staking Portal : Offers incentives like whitelist access and revenue sharing, promoting active community engagement.
  • Alpha Chest : Alpha Chest is a platform designed to engage the community in top-tier projects by allowing participants to stake $MOBY tokens. In exchange for their staked tokens, participants receive tokens from new projects launched through the platform.[4]
  • Moby Fish Farm : Fish Farm is a seasonal program that supports the success of ICO projects through community engagement and equitably rewards participants.[5]
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