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Phantom Wallet is a popular non-custodial multichain wallet, initially designed for the Solana blockchain. It helps users explore Web3, use , store, send, and receive , , and -based tokens, and trade and across the three chains. Phantom Wallet is renowned for its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with the Solana ecosystem.[1]

Phantom also offers browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Brave, and Edge, as well as apps for iOS and Android.[2]

In April 2024, Phantom Wallet hit the 7 million monthly active users milestone.[3]


Phantom Wallet was launched in January 2021 by a group of engineers, designers, and former founders with the ambition to simplify and make crypto more accessible to everyone. Starting with a community of 40,000 active beta testers, Phantom aimed to create a product that offers enjoyable crypto experiences through great design and thoughtful product development.

In June 2021, as part of their goal to reduce friction in , Phantom launched its in-app token swapper. By October of the same year, they recorded over $1 billion in swap volume, highlighting the platform's rapid growth and adoption.
wikiTo further fuel their mission, Phantom raised $9 million in July 2021 from investors like , Variant, and Jump Capital, among others. This funding was a significant milestone in their journey to onboard the world to Web3.[4]

Phantom Wallet, as a self-custodial software wallet, provides a secure and intuitive way to manage assets, trade, and connect to various apps across , , and . Offering a 100% free service, Phantom distinguishes itself with key advantages, including instant wallet imports, access to apps on multiple chains without network switching, and lightning-fast, low-fee swaps with its in-app swapper. Phantom Wallet provides a sleek, user-friendly, and secure interface for managing and tokens across the different .

Users can personalize their accounts with custom names and avatars, organize them with drag-and-drop functionality, and enjoy transaction previews to catch and deny malicious transactions in real-time.[5]

Moreover, Phantom supports experiences, showcasing a user's collectibles with support for all file formats, including audio, video, and multidimensional . Users can search for NFTs, pin favorites, manage listings, and stay updated on NFT details such as floor price, last sale price, total return, and total unique holders.

Phantom Wallet is available on Brave, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox browsers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users seeking a seamless and secure wallet solution.[6]


Some of Phantom Wallet's most popular features include multi-chain capabilities, a Cross-Chain Swapper, NFT experiences, and robust security measures.

Multi-chain capabilities

While originating on Solana, Phantom Wallet has expanded its support to include the , and Polygon blockchains. This allows users to seamlessly experience a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including , , , and Polygon, all through a single interface: their Phantom wallet. With Phantom Wallet, users can manage their assets across multiple chains, trade tokens, participate in protocols, and interact with a variety of . The wallet's intuitive design and robust security features make it a popular choice among crypto enthusiasts looking for a reliable and user-friendly wallet solution. Whether you're new to the world of or a seasoned trader, Phantom Wallet provides a seamless and secure way to access the decentralized economy.[7]

Cross-Chain Swapper

Polygon directly within the wallet interface. This feature eliminates the need for or complex bridge setups, making it easy for users to transfer tokens across different chains. The swapper's optimized performance ensures that users get the best bridge route every time, with options to choose between "Best Return" or "Fastest" transfer based on their needs. Additionally, users can stay informed about estimated transaction times and costs for each bridge option, providing transparency and peace of mind throughout the process.
With a focus on user convenience and security, the Cross-Chain Swapper uses trusted providers, allowing users to bridge with confidence. One standout feature is the "Refuel" functionality, which ensures that a portion of the transferred tokens arrives on the destination chain as native tokens. This feature prevents users from encountering issues such as running out of gas on a new chain, enabling them to transact immediately after bridging. Overall, Phantom Wallet's Cross-Chain Swapper enhances the user experience by providing a seamless and efficient way to bridge tokens across different blockchains.[8]

NFT experiences

Phantom Wallet prioritizes an exceptional user experience, evident in their innovative features for NFTs: Shortcuts and Quests.

Shortcuts offer a streamlined experience akin to "Linktree for ," providing instant access to a menu with top links and actions for NFTs. The feature supports various collections like Azuki, Claynosaurz, , Famous Fox Federation, Okay Bears, Tensorians, The Heist, y00ts, with more collections regularly added.[9]

Quests add a gamified element, allowing users to earn rewards by completing tasks such as signing up for apps, exploring new features, and engaging in other web3-related activities. Current Quests include DRiP and Camera Mint, the latter enabling users to transform photos and videos into Solana NFTs using Phantom Mobile, ensuring these creations are stored securely on the blockchain.[10]


Phantom Wallet includes a team of over 70 Web3 natives making Crypto simple since 2021.

  • Brandon - CEO
  • Francesco - CTO
  • Chris - CPO
  • Jisi - Head of Design
  • Martin - Engineer
  • Khalil - Design Lead
  • Nick - Software Engineer
  • Dave - Customer Happiness[11]
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Phantom Wallet

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