Pineapple Workshop

Pineapple Workshop is a software development organization that focuses on delivering innovative digital products to enhance business value. With a strong emphasis on providing high-quality solutions, continuous learning, and collaboration with diverse teams, Pineapple Workshop aims to create impactful technology solutions for its clients. [1][2]


Founded by and , Pineapple Workshop is a team of expert creatives and developers specializing in the development of full-stack applications, based in Denver, Colorado, United States. With a deep passion for technologies, including and, the company works closely with clients to create scalable solutions. Pineapple Workshop specializes in creating custom full-stack web products and mobile apps, leveraging scalable architecture and advanced software development techniques to drive tangible value for its clients' businesses. [3][4]


Full Stack Web3 Development

Pineapple Workshop specializes in full-stack development, offering solutions that cover the entire spectrum of web application development. [5]

Smart Contract Development

Pineapple Workshop has extensive experience in developing and deploying . Their team has been working with various , including Cadence, layer 1, and layer 2 EVM-based blockchains, aiming for seamless integration of smart contracts into web3 projects. [5]

UI/UX Design

Pineapple Workshop offers UI/UX design services aimed at creating user-centric and engaging interfaces. Their designers work closely with clients to understand user preferences and conduct thorough user research. From the initial stages of concept development to high-fidelity prototypes, Pineapple Workshop is dedicated to delivering UI/UX design solutions that meet the needs of their clients and their target audience. [5]

DevOps & Cloud Architecture

Pineapple Workshop aims to develop robust and secure enterprise-grade environments by leveraging modern infrastructure, scalability, and security practices. Their expertise in DevOps and cloud architecture enables a more streamlined development process and efficient deployment of web applications. By implementing up-to-date practices, Pineapple Workshop ensures that its clients' projects benefit from optimized performance, reliability, and scalability. [5]


NFL All Day

NFL All Day is the official marketplace of the NFL, offering NFTs that capture memorable game moments of players. Pineapple Workshop contributed to the project by building secondary sale that facilitate peer-to-peer trading on the NFL All Day Marketplace. [6][11]

On Gaia

Gaia is a growing NFT marketplace on the blockchain, featuring various collections like Ballerz, Dugout Dawgs, and Driverz. Pineapple Workshop collaborates with NFT Genius to develop and maintain the Gaia marketplace, ensuring a seamless user experience. [7][11]

Tronic NFT Marketplace

Tronic is a customer-centric NFT marketplace operating on the blockchain. Pineapple Workshop played a role in building Tronic's front-end interface and developing solidity smart contracts, supporting individuals and brands transitioning to the web3 environment. [8][11]

Tronic Utility Engine

The Tronic Utility Engine provides a solution for releasing NFTs with real-world value and utility, offering token-gated access, streaming, discounts, voting, event ticketing, in-game utility, and more. Pineapple Workshop contributed to the development of this engine, helping brands, creators, and communities leverage the potential of NFTs. [8][11]


MetaFlyers is an application that connects web3 consumers, communities, and brands through a decentralized rewards ecosystem. Pineapple Workshop collaborated with the MetaFlyers team to develop the application, implementing ERC smart contracts, the app's front-end, and integrating with platforms like . [9][11]


VarenX is a decentralized swapping interface developed in partnership with the Varen community, a community-governed . Pineapple Workshop contributed to building VarenX, enabling users to swap between various and tokens. [10][11]

Blocktalk Podcast

 is a biweekly web3 podcast hosted by that offers comprehensive coverage of the blockchain landscape. With a focus on engaging with entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, builders, and visionaries who are actively shaping web3, BlockTalk aims to provide valuable insights to the web3 community. [12]

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Pineapple Workshop

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