Rocket Pool ETH (rETH) is protocol's liquid staking token. The rETH token represents an amount of ETH that is being staked and earning rewards within . [1][4]

As Rocket Pool node operators stake Ethereum on Proof-of-Stake the resulting rewards increase the value of rETH relative to . Rocket Pool's liquid staking token allows holders to benefit from the returns of the Ethereum Proof-of-Stake. [2][3]


A Rocket Pool staker's role is to deposit into the deposit pool which enables a node operator to create a Beacon Chain validator. As a result, the staker is given rETH which represents how much ETH is deposited and when it was deposited. The ratio includes rewards that Rocket Pool node operators earn from:

  • The Beacon Chain
  • Priority fees from block proposals
  • MEV rewards from block proposals

The value of rETH is determined by the following ratio:
rETH:ETH ratio = (total rETH supply) / (total ETH staked + total rETH contract balance + total rETH share of priority fees + total rETH share of MEV rewards). [5]

The value of rETH consistently rises compared to due to the continuous accumulation of Beacon Chain rewards, priority fees, and MEV rewards. The rETH/ETH exchange rate is regularly updated, around every 24 hours, based on the Beacon Chain rewards earned by Rocket Pool node operators. [5]



As an alternative to holding onto and eventually returning rETH to the , users can also use it in applications. rETH can be traded, used for lending, and collateral as rETH is a standard token. [5]

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