SPACE ID is a universal name service network with an identity platform to assist in discovering, registering, trading, and managing domains. It also offers a Web3 Name SDK & API for developers across and provides a multi-chain name service to aid in building and creating web3 identities easily. [1]


Multi-chain Name Service

SPACE ID introduced the .bnb Name Service on the and is focused on expanding its services to include a multi-chain name service. SPACE ID 2.0 includes the launch of new TLDs by the SPACE ID team and the inclusion of other domain providers to offer a multi-chain name service feature. [1]

Web3 Name SDK and API

In SPACE ID, the Web3 Name SDK was introduced to allow communities and partners to engage users through custom domain names. Additionally, an all-in-one API was included to streamline the integration of web3 services into applications. Over 100 partners can connect to user-owned naming data through a single integration of the Web3 Name SDK. [1]

.bnb Name Service

The .bnb Name Service, part of the SPACE ID Name Service, introduces the first naming service on the . .bnb names offer users the ability to: [2]

  • Register .bnb domains to complement traditional BNB Chain addresses.
  • Acquire domain , indicating ownership of the domain name.
  • Configure custom records for .bnb domains, facilitating seamless integration with numerous dApps in the BNB Chain ecosystem.

.arb Name Service

The .arb Name Service, part of SPACE ID's name service, is developing the .arb Domain Name Service on . It functions as a decentralized naming system and offers a solution for replacing Arbitrum wallet and contract addresses. [3]


The ID token is the native token of the SPACE ID ecosystem, providing functions such as: [4]

  • Staking: Stake ID tokens for discounts in the SPACE ID domain NFT marketplace trading fees and Web3 domain registration discounts on SPACE ID.
  • Payments: Use ID tokens for transactions within the SPACE ID ecosystem and for Web3 Name SDK Integration.
  • Governance: ID token holders can participate and vote on SPACE ID DAO proposals.

The SPACE ID governance token, referred to as the ID token, was released to the public on Binance Launchpad. The preparation period for subscription on Binance Launchpad started on March 17th, 2023, at 00:00 UTC, and token distribution began on March 22nd, 2023, at 10:00 UTC. [4]


The total supply is 2,000,000,000 tokens. The initial distribution is as follows: 5% to Binance Launchpad, 7% to Advisors, 8% to Strategic Sale, 20% to Seed Sale, 15% to Core Team, 10% to Ecosystem, 13% to Marketing, 12% to Foundation, and 10% to Community Airdrop. [4]


The SPACE ID DAO is governed by $ID token holders. It manages the funds in the DAO Treasury and provides a framework for community collaboration, resource sharing, and goal achievement. [5]

In addition to establishing the DAO Treasury, SPACE ID has implemented a new revenue distribution model on its platform. This includes a buyback-and-burn mechanism using registration proceeds accumulated since the Token Generation Event (TGE) date, executed quarterly. [5]

Half of the total net revenue generated on the SPACE ID platform, including revenue from domain registrations, renewals, Gift Card purchases, and marketplace fees, is allocated for the purchase and burning of $ID tokens. The remaining 50% is added to the DAO Treasury, held in , and governed by eligible $ID token holders. [5]

Governance Process

The governance process operates according to the following rules: [5]

  1. All proposals go through a two-step process. First, a draft proposal must be submitted on the SPACE ID governance forum. After community review and discussion, if the proposal is deemed ready, collaboration with the community manager is necessary to schedule a snapshot vote, serving as the second and final step.
  2. For a DAO proposal to pass, it requires a minimum of 50% passing votes from wallet addresses holding a total of at least 5,000,000 ID tokens.
  3. Once a proposal passes, the core team executes it, with funding distribution (if needed) authorized by the multi-sig signers elected by the DAO.


SPACE ID Grant Program

The SPACE ID Grant Program is a funding initiative established to support the blockchain community. This program is structured as a long-term initiative for eligible projects. Project selection and grant distribution occur every two to four weeks, providing developers and entrepreneurs with the flexibility to focus on their projects. [6]

For program eligibility, all participating projects must meet these criteria: [6]

  1. They should be based on or support either , One/Nova, , or Network.
  2. Integration of the SPACE ID Web3 Name SDK or utilization of domains (.bnb/.arb/.sei/.inj/.manta) powered by SPACE ID, along with other forthcoming TLDs supported by our infrastructure, or building on top of the SPACE ID ecosystem is required.
  3. Projects must have a fully functional mainnet version that is publicly available for use by all.

The SPACE ID Grant Program comprises two project categories:

  • Domain Integration: Projects must integrate the Web3 Name SDK and Web3 domains with SPACE ID SDK/API.
  • Building on top of the SPACE ID Ecosystem: Projects should focus on launching innovative supporting SPACE ID web3 domains, including .bnb, .arb, .sei, .inj, .manta, and forthcoming TLDs empowered by our infrastructure. This may involve deeper DID integrations, enhancing domain utilities, exploring new use cases, etc.

There are five tracks available for applicants:

  1. Wallet Track: Projects enhancing asset transfer and account UX through domains, with encouragement for MPC or smart contract wallets with Account Abstraction capabilities.
  2. DApps Track: Development of decentralized web or cross-chain applications using memorable Web3 domains instead of wallet addresses.
  3. Gaming Track: Creation of entertaining applications integrating domains to enhance UX.
  4. Tooling Track: Development of Web3 tools or infrastructure related to domains (e.g., on-chain data search via domains).
  5. CEX Track: Support for asset deposit/withdrawal through domains.

SPACE ID Referral Program

The SPACE ID Referral program operates as a structured system aimed at fostering community engagement. By referring friends or community members to register for .bnb domains using their unique links, participants can earn a commission of up to 15% of the registration fees paid by their referrals. The commission rate is contingent upon the number of referrals each participant has. [7]

SPACE ID Gift Card

The SPACE ID Gift Card functions as a , allowing it to be listed and transferred. Additionally, it holds redeemable values that can be exchanged for SID Points. [8]

SID Points are exclusive to the SPACE ID Mainnet and can be utilized for purchases. They can be redeemed using gift cards obtained through purchases, events, or giveaways. Each SID Point is equivalent to 1 USD. [8]

There are three types of SPACE ID Gift Cards available, each with different values: $650, $160, and $5, which can be redeemed for 650, 160, and 5 SID Points, respectively. [8]

SPACE ID Cosmic Council

The Cosmic Council is a contributor program in the SPACE ID community. To join, members can react to an emoji in the 'get-roles' channel to obtain the "Cosmic Recruit" role and access the contributor program category on the SPACE ID Discord server. Within this category, three guilds are available: [9]

  1. Community Guild: Supports onboarding newcomers, assisting members, and organizing community events.
  2. Marketing Guild: Focuses on promoting external brands and creating informative social media content.
  3. Research Guild: Shares Web3 developments and keeps the community informed.

Contributors are not required to assign themselves tasks; they can submit contributions in the relevant channels. Members who consistently contribute high-quality content may be selected for the 'Cosmic Astra' role by the SPACE ID team. The selection process for 'Cosmic Astra' is at the discretion of the team, and there is no fixed timeline for awarding the role. [9]

SPACE ID Voyage Season 2

SPACE ID Voyage Season 2 is the second iteration of the Voyage event series organized by SPACE ID. [10]

The SPACE ID Voyage Season 2 event began on March 19th, 2023, accessible through the official SPACE ID website. Participants could claim their Voyage boxes from the event's start date. Opening of the Voyage boxes and point tracking commenced on March 23rd, 2023. [10]

Voyage Season 2 welcomed both new and existing users of the SPACE ID ecosystem. New users were those who registered a .bnb or .arb domain after March 10th, 2 PM UTC, while existing users were eligible for the Retroactive Early Adopter Airdrop and held a .bnb or .arb domain before the specified date and time. [10]

Participants in Voyage Season 2 received a locked Voyage Box upon joining the event. Users who joined Season 2 through a referral link also earned a Voyage Box for the inviter. These boxes came in three variants: Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary, each containing random points claimable upon unlocking. Existing users' Referral Program records were converted into Voyage Uncommon Boxes for event participation. [10]

Voyage Legendary Box

New users eligible for participation in the program include holders of blue chip NFTs and . The eligibility criteria for NFT collections are based on their historical trading volume. Examples of such collections include , , ENS, among others. A snapshot of the holders of these selected NFTs was taken on March 16th, 2PM UTC. [10]

Voyage Rare Box

New users are eligible for participation in the program under the following conditions: [10]

  1. The new user has held a certain number of native tokens (ETH, BNB, ARB) across blockchains.
  2. The address holds a Galxe Passport.

Voyage Uncommon Box

The eligibility criteria for new users are as follows: [10]
If an individual does not meet the requirements to qualify for the Legendary and Rare Boxes, they will receive an Uncommon Box instead.

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