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Var Meta is a platform that aims to provide end-to-end solutions within the , Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) space. Established in 2020 in Hanoi, by CEO Nha Tran and two tech specialists, Var Meta works in partnership with major Layer 1 protocols and industry leaders including Ubisoft, , , and .[1]


Var Meta adopts a client-centric approach, involving thorough investigation, planning, designing, coding, delivery, and maintenance. Var Meta began in 2020 with a primary focus on VR/AR technology, expanding into blockchain in 2021. The period between 2022 and 2023 is when the company made a strategic shift towards offering comprehensive solutions in blockchain, AI, and AR/VR. In 2024, Var Meta aims to establish itself as a leading blockchain development company in Southeast Asia. [1][2]


NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace serves as a dedicated exchange platform for . Users can set up their stores within minutes, engaging in various activities such as , selling, and buying NFTs. [3]

Participation Process

To participate, users need to create an account and download a digital wallet for storing NFTs. Asset listing involves uploading goods and specifying preferred payment tokens. Sale options include fixed prices or auction formats. Upon a successful sale, a private transaction is initiated. Users have the flexibility to create or import collections. The system synchronizes NFTs automatically, and the platform monitors collections for activities. [3]


Tokenization involves replacing sensitive data with tokens for secure usage in databases or internal systems. This process safeguards various types of sensitive data, including financial statements, medical records, and personally identifiable information. [4]

Key Features

Token creation follows specific rules, with tokens serving as substitutes for original data, ensuring secure storage. The enhanced security aspect prevents man-in-the-middle attacks, and the use of tokens contributes to faster transaction processing, aiding industries like blockchain. Tokenization also assists in regulatory compliance for sensitive data protection. [4]

White Label Exchange

A white-label exchange is a pre-configured crypto platform provided by a third party, allowing retailers to brand and launch it independently as per their business requirements. [5]

Core Features

The white-label exchange comes equipped with a live order book system displaying real-time buying and selling orders. An advanced trading engine automates order matching, ensuring smooth trade execution. High liquidity facilitates real-time trading, and the platform offers a variety of digital assets for increased trading opportunities. [5]

NFT Generator

The NFT Generator focuses on graphic design template creation for art collections. It simplifies the process, enabling users to select a template, add pre-created art, and generate NFT collections. The generator allows the creation of an unlimited number of NFTs, supporting artists in minting digital art pieces. Advanced features include planning airdrops and Initial NFT Offerings (INO). An automated rarity table generation feature enables users to configure and showcase the uniqueness of each NFT within a collection. [6]


  • Blockchain Development: Var Meta's team of blockchain experts handles all projects regardless of their size, providing services for secure wallets and to custom and scalable platforms.
  • AI Solutions: Var Meta provides custom solutions for data analysis, optimization, automation, and more, aiming to empower businesses through AI technology
  • VR/AR Development: Var Meta creates immersive experiences in the form of interactive games, virtual training simulations, and innovative AR applications.
  • Outsourcing: Var Meta's team of engineers strives to maintain and increase exposure of any type of company in the blockchain, metaverse, or AI space.
  • Co-development: Var Meta also seeks partnerships with different projects to turn projects' vision into reality.[7]


  • Kapitaldx (KLDX): Created a Malaysian government-licensed ICO portal.
  • Bitkub: Deployed NFT applications in education, gaming, and government.
  • Ubisoft: Collaborated on re-platforming key games and integrating with Ubisoft's gaming platform.
  • : Partnered on blockchain applications, including a certificate platform.
  • : Developed the Unreal SDK blending gaming technology with blockchain.
  • : Enhanced Cardano's wallet functionality.
  • PolkaFantasy's: Developed an extensive GameFi ecosystem.[1]


  • : Multiple projects, including the development of a dedicated learning platform and a .
  • Unreal SDK: Collaboration to create a C++ SDK for Unreal Engine.
  • Crypto Exchange: A leading crypto trading platform in Turkey.
  • NFT Marketplace: Platform for storing, displaying, buying, selling, or minting NFT assets.
  • Fashion Metaverse: Developing worlds to enhance the potential of Fashion NFTs.
  • Macallan: An AR project for a whisky exhibition.
  • Rotocurve: A tool for fantasy sports players.
  • Ubisoft: Porting games from Android to Windows, integrating with Ubisoft's SDKs.[7]
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Var Meta


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