Cow Cow NFT

Cow Cow NFT is a collection of 10,000 generative cow avatars launched on , Built by Two3 Labs a cross-chain entertainment studio. The Cow Cow NFTs were initially minted for 1.4 $EGLD. The value of these then surged to an all-time high of approximately 15 $EGLD before stabilizing at 5 times their initial price. Over the following year, the collection generated a sales volume exceeding $2 million.[1][2]


The were launched on February 16, 2023, on the (previously Elrond) ecosystem. A total of 10,000 were made available to the public at a mint price of 1.4 EGLD (equivalent to 65 USD at that moment). Cow Cow emerged as a leading project within the ecosystem, accounting for approximately 20% of the total volume of NFTs minted during this period.[1]
wikiCow Cow is a digital brand comprising a curated collection of 10,000 generative cow avatars. It positions itself as a living entity that resonates with individuals on an emotional level. This lifestyle brand merges visual storytelling, immersive experiences, and rich lore to uplift its community. Owning a Cow Cow NFT grants users entry into The City, an imaginative realm where art, community, and culture converge to produce enchantment. With over 1,100 collaborations on multiple chains, including , , , , and , Cow Cow is set to unlock the potential of and make it stand out across different chains. [3]

Here, we rewrite the rules, making our mark on the world through creativity and imagination, celebrating unity and originality.

The residents of The City (i.e. those who own a Cow Cow NFT) will have access to multiple benefits: exclusive membership, future NFT drops, high-end merch, access to tools, live meetups, and many more.[4][5]

Cow Cow Urban Structure

wikiThe Urban Plan contains all the directions the Cow Cow core team has established for the project.

These are the landmarks built around the City:

Atelier — refers to branding

Cow Cow is a premier brand. To expand its reach, it's crucial to transcend the digital space and manifest Cow Cow in the physical world. Atelier was created to enhance brand recognition through multichain and cross-chain collaborations, bridging the gap between the WEB3 brand and the tangible world while granting holders intellectual property rights.[6]

The Mall — refers to merchandise

The Mall is used to create merch and collectibles, collaborate with famous designers, and have top-notch streetwear.

Social Hub — refers to community

Cow Cow's Social Hub, which includes DAO DAO: Cow Cow Cowmoonity, serves as an experimental governance platform for the project. It features a self-sustaining, self-governing on-chain . Members can access alpha hunting for market analysis and NFT trading tips, educational resources, and early access to upcoming projects through collaborations. The hub also fosters community engagement with daily hangouts for movies, games, sports discussions, and collaborative planning, which aims to build dreams together.[6]

Central Station — refers to storytelling

Central Station was created as an In-depth lore, experiences, visuals, and exclusive NFT drops.

Factory — refers to building

The factory is an Interactive web app that includes whitelisting tools, an e-commerce shop, and other .


The University which refers to an incubator is a program that helps, supports, and grows other projects.

Town Square

The Town Square is used to Organize real-life events, meet-ups, and exhibitions, Which provides the team a chance to connect with the entire community members and expand their reach beyond the digital world.[6]

Moove Protocol

wikiThe Moove Protocol is a social initiative to cultivate a vibrant community of innovators, creators, and forward-thinkers dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge technology in the web3 domain. At the heart of this protocol lies a pivotal concept: empowering the community to construct and govern everything through the $MOOVE token, thereby ushering in a new era of decentralized collaboration and control.

It aims to nurture a community of builders, creators, and visionaries to pioneer the next-generation cryptocurrency. The initiative seeks to establish a new benchmark for community-centric tokens, prioritizing community involvement at the forefront.[7]

In December 2023, $MOOVE Protocol by Two3 Labs and CowCow announced a Seed round led by Morningstar Ventures, in participation with ZBS Capital, Alpha Protocol Ventures,  Let’s Go Ventures, NXGen, Antiga Capital and notable angel investor Vijay Pravin (bitsCrunch).[8]


$MOOVE stands as an ESDT (eStandard Digital Token), functioning as both a and within the Cow Cow ecosystem and extending its use to Moove Protocol initiatives. Its core mission is to empower the community to pioneer innovative solutions in the web3 domain.
At the heart of the ecosystem, $MOOVE serves as the central , fueling various activities within Cow Cow. It embodies governance and utility features within the ESDT framework.

Crafted with sustainability in mind, $MOOVE is engineered to be a forward-looking utility token, ensuring its enduring relevance and efficacy within the ecosystem.

$MOOVE was launched to incentivize early support of Cow Cow and is the go-token for the entire Cow Cow ecosystem and future developments. In addition to Cow Cow, the ambitions include utilities around the incubator and other technical products. It had a fair Launch with a Maximum supply of 23,000,000 Tokens and can only be obtainable through staking of Cow Cow NFTs. [7]

$MOOVE Utilities

Serving as the protocol layer of the ecosystem, the $MOOVE token offers a multitude of utilities:

  • Ecosystem Token: $MOOVE stands as the central currency driving the Cow Cow ecosystem, elevating its versatility and significance. By holding Cow Cow, users gain exclusive access to a wealth of benefits, spanning from premium merchandise, exciting raffles, exclusive gaming opportunities, bespoke events, and a host of other specialized services tailored to enhance their experience.
  • Governance: $MOOVE is the ecosystem’s governance token, allowing holders to participate in Cow Cow DAO. The structure and mechanics of the organization are built around the and the TOKEN.
  • Digital currency: $MOOVE is an open currency that can be used without centralized intermediaries within the ecosystem. It also represents a tool for Cow Cow to incentivize early supporters and builders interested in participating in the ecosystem by incorporating $MOOVE into their platforms (games, services, marketplaces, and other projects).[9][7]

Two3 Labs

Two3 Labs is a cross-chain entertainment studio, comprised of pioneers in the NFT industry and leaders in the ecosystem. The company is backed by numerous VCs and angel investors and has established partnerships with multiple big-name brands. They have a proven track record of success with Cow Cow, launched in February 2023, currently boasting a floor price over 5 times its mint price.

Web3 multichain solutions. Crafting next-gen products driving the future of innovation. Building Cow Cow & Smoofs.

The team also founded the Smoofs NFT, and Moove Protocol, a social initiative aimed at fostering a community of builders, creators, and visionaries to develop cutting-edge technology within the Web3 space.[10]


  • wikiARCHY (CEO) - The degen-business guy, Archy is our box-to-box magician, the glue that holds our empire together.
  • ARA ARA (CMO) - Meet Ara Ara, Is the CMO. He is the master of marketing, a true crowd-pleaser, and can turn any NFT into a hot commodity.
  • RICK (BUSINESS DEVELOPER) - A creative but also strongly analytical jack of all trades, bringing moo-re ecosystem partners to the herd.
  • GNG (SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER) - Lead the herd & moo-ve the internet, creating viral content for a moo-valous time as a social media manager for Cow Cow.
  • JEFF (CREATIVE DIRECTOR) - With Jeff, you can be sure that Cow Cow will be visually stunning and always pushing the boundaries of creativity.
  • DEESER (ARTIST) - Deeser has a talent for turning pixels into masterpieces and can make even the most mundane cow into a work of art.
  • ANDREW (ILLUSTRATOR) - A true visionary can turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece with just a few brush strokes.[11]
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Cow Cow NFT

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