Share is a platform designed to facilitate collaboration among stakeholders in the exploration and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It introduces a framework for ethical AI and , intending to serve as an all-in-one platform for AI-based creation and governance. The initial focus is on synthetic media.[1]


Founded in 2019 by and , positions itself as an AI within the domain. The project aims to develop a next-generation platform. The objective is to bring together stakeholders interested in utilizing AI on a large scale, integrating a library of AI tools into a creative studio suite.

The incorporation of technology seeks to generate for synthetic media and AI apps to foster transparency, accountability, and long-term governance.[1][3] Mainnet

The Humans Mainnet, launched on May 29, 2023, aims to transform the AI ecosystem by providing a infrastructure tailored to support artificial intelligence products throughout their lifecycle.

It seeks to establish connections with third-party like and to facilitate global value propagation. Leveraging technology from the ecosystem and the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), Humans Mainnet enables trustless communication and value exchange across different networks.

Integrated with the Virtual Machine (EVM), it enables AI execution and compatibility with tools and standards, fostering flexibility for AI applications.[4][5]


AI Library

The AI Library is designed as a platform for AI developers to deploy and refine their algorithms in a market-like setting. This library aims to allow users to share their creations and collaborate to enhance their models. As a decentralized application on Humans Mainnet, the AI Library permits users to explore and interact with AI . It functions as a marketplace where users can assess the functionality and cost of AI models, offering a resource for developers to creatively combine tools and models for the development of decentralized applications and end-to-end products.[1][6]

AI Training System

The AI Training System implemented by aims to facilitate the optimization of AI models based on distinct data inputs. This optimization may occur through self/unsupervised approaches, eliminating the need for labels, or supervised methods that rely on labeled data. The training process, whether automated in a continuous integration-style manner or manually configured with data and model inputs, results in the creation of a trained model represented as a binary file.[1][3]

Digital Genome

Users can create a Digital Genome for their own use and potential application in various projects. These Genomes are under the ownership of their creators, and there is a possibility of compensation when utilized in the development of synthetic media assets. The submission of requests to employ these Genomes requires approval, a process overseen by the creator or their designated agents.

AI , functioning as a subset of machine learning models within, are, for example, also positioned as a distinct asset class with the capacity to encapsulate neural networks or a digital genome. This genome may encompass diverse biometric data, including a person's voice or facial features.[1][7]


Apps are combinations of AIs generating outputs upon request. Each request is distributed among an App's components, and resulting proceeds are shared accordingly, considering technical constraints that may limit slots for high-performing Apps.

Constructed in Humans Studio, Apps can be created from scratch for specific use cases or utilizing predefined recipes. Users can potentially deploy Apps at scale in the decentralized ecosystem, accessing services provided by the community. To achieve broader availability, users are required to $HEART tokens for their Apps.[1]

Human Studios

In, individuals and App Builders aim to utilize the AI Library for bringing ideas to fruition, employing various AI models and Genomes for tasks such as sentiment analysis, text conversion, and language translation, saved as Apps. With the aim of providing a tool for experimentation with technology, Humans Studio acts as a personal AI assembly line.[1][8]


Stakeholders in the ecosystem encompass Network Validators, AI Developers, Users/Data Providers, App Builders, and Human Validators.

Network Validators aim to ensure network security and decentralization by validating transactions and user data, with a focus on equitable compensation. AI Developers deploy algorithms to the AI Library, with accessibility to the community contingent on specified conditions. Users/Data Providers maintain ownership of their data, subject to validation for use in the Humans Studio. App Builders engage in creating applications within the Humans Studio utilizing available datasets. Human Validators verify AI supervision through biometrics, requiring a $HEART for eligibility.[1]

Proof of Human

Proof of Human (PoH) is a foundational validation mechanism within the ecosystem. Its purpose is to empower individuals to demonstrate ongoing human supervision of by utilizing their biometric data. PoH plays a pivotal role in striving to ensure the integrity of the decentralized framework by validating each with multiple digital signatures from real individuals, incorporating various biometric data points for enhanced security.

Through the enforcement of governance rules encoded within , PoH aims to ensure alignment with the creator's intentions regarding the usage of biometric data. For example, individuals can establish rules dictating permissible uses, such as preventing the generation of objectionable content. Owners retain the flexibility to modify these rules, allowing for adjustments to suit evolving preferences or regulatory requirements. Overall, PoH endeavors to serve as a robust mechanism for maintaining trust and transparency within the ecosystem.[7][1]

Synapse Bridge has launched Synapse, a Bridge aiming to foster interoperability between and blockchains. This bridge facilitates seamless asset movement between the two , providing a user-friendly experience for and AI enthusiasts. Synapse aims to simplify conversions by guiding users through the process of converting $HEART tokens between and Humans . It connects Virtual Machines (EVMs), enabling smooth token exchanges and expanding token utility across . Users can utilize Synapse by connecting their wallets to both for streamlined transfers.[9][10] AIverse

The AIverse, developed by, addresses key challenges in artificial intelligence, including issues surrounding ownership, ethics, security, and accessibility.

Its goal is to provide a platform for individuals to enhance their capabilities by interacting, creating, and realizing their ideas with AI assistance. Security within the AIverse is ensured by the for AIs, a specialized network designed to store, manage, and execute future AI operations.

The AIverse offers various AI capabilities, including multilingual communication, involvement, personalized avatar creation, community-driven voice synthesis, animation, and the Humans Studio for synthetic media creation. This ecosystem facilitates the integration of AI across industries, allowing companies to enhance efficiency and competitiveness through AI-based solutions.[11][12]

"In the AIverse economy, unlike the other two we’ve been a part of, you have ownership over everything you’re creating, business-wise. Securing your idea and building communities around it - even though people don’t know each other, they have something to win by joining the project. This is what Humans. We thrive on sharing knowledge, evolving by togetherness. Only together can we build an economy for AIs, giving everyone access to superior knowledge – a 100% goodies-packed library with AI solutions fixing every need you have ever encountered and more. AI aims for an infrastructure that makes it easier for people to build their own AI stores.”
Răzvan Munteanu,


Humans.AI Token ($HEART) uses the $HEART token for securing the chain, governance, fee distribution, and for . $HEART, denominated in Atto (Atto is a metric prefix, that is, a prefix that comes before a base unit of measurement and indicates the multiple of that unit) for consistency with , accommodates three asset types: native tokens, IBC Coins, and -based tokens.

$HEART intends to facilitate collaboration among AI stakeholders, providing access to AI tools in the of AIs. It aims to grant access to content, services, avatars, and AI investments. $HEART holders are involved in governance and can bridge assets across using Humans Synapse.[3][14][15][16]


Key aspects of the $HEART token include:

  1. Democratizing Access to AI: $HEART enables interaction with AI , providing users with the opportunity to utilize AI models for various purposes, thereby promoting inclusivity and innovation.
  2. Ethical AI Deployment: Through governance mechanisms like Proof of Human (PoH), $HEART incentivizes transparency and accountability, fostering ethical AI practices within the ecosystem.
  3. Simplifying AI Funding: $HEART serves as a decentralized funding mechanism, allowing individuals to contribute to AI innovation and collaborate within the community.
  4. Community Engagement and Innovation: $HEART encourages active participation in AI development and governance processes, promoting collaboration and innovation among community members.
  5. Driving Social Impact: aims to leverage $HEART to address global challenges and promote positive social change through AI-powered solutions in various domains, including healthcare, education, environmental conservation, and humanitarian efforts.[24]


The total token supply for amounts to 7.80 billion tokens, with a public sale comprising 1.00% of this supply, equivalent to 78.00 million tokens. The Allocation is as follows:

  • AI Mining / Staking Rewards: 25%
  • Private Sale: 20%
  • Team: 10%
  • Sustainable Development: 10%
  • Other: 35%[17][18]

Initial Decentralized Offering

On December 9, 2021, raised $1,170,000 in under 30 minutes through its Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) on , a cross-chain token offering platform. The IDO aimed to engage the community in developing's decentralized platform for AI-based creation and governance.

CEO Sabin Dima expressed gratitude for the community's support and highlighted role in advancing's vision. The oversubscribed token sale set a record on , underscoring investor interest in the $HEART token.[23]

“We are excited that the IDO on Polkastarter was oversubscribed and sold out in less than 30 minutes. The community participation was amazing! We are very thankful to every investor for supporting us during this process. Polkastarter has also been a great partner and supporter of the project and our ambition to create the first framework for ethical AI and Blockchain.” - Sabin Dima


Governance is essential within the ecosystem. It operates at two levels: protocol level and AI level.

At the protocol level, governance follows established standards, aligning with frameworks used by projects like , , and . A proposed approach aims to govern AI similarly to , allowing owners to share control with community members interested in managing the data product. Owners of AI tokens influence the $HEART pool generated by the from approved requests.

For instance, if a data provider restricts voice minting requests to specific contexts, human validators ensure compliance. In -style governance, community members contribute to determining these restrictions and governance aspects.[14]


AI represent a new type of digital asset within the ecosystem, aiming to serve as foundational elements for AI products. Unlike traditional , which often feature static images, AI combine AI and technologies to encapsulate users' digital DNA, including biometric data such as voice, facial features, gestures, and behavior patterns. This data forms the basis for various AI applications like synthetic media.

Users can combine multiple AI to create personalized digital avatars capable of communicating in multiple languages. Additionally, AI incorporate predefined rules to govern their usage, intending to prevent the spread of harmful or offensive content.[13]

Enabling Inflation

The recent approval of the inflation proposal on February 7th, 2024, with a robust 94% participation rate, marks a notable milestone in the evolution of the network. This decision implements a 'Thirdening' schedule, gradually reducing emission rates by 1/3 annually, with the first year set at 12.8%.

The significant engagement seen during the voting process highlights the community's dedication to shaping the network's trajectory.

The objective of enabling inflation is to establish a framework for sustainable growth, promote active participation, and acknowledge the contributions of network participants.[26]

Humans.AI: AI for Government partnered with the Romanian Government to introduce "ION," a pioneering Government AI Advisor. ION, a robot AI assistant, aims to monitor social networks in real-time to gather insights on public concerns. It utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze social media data, intending to provide valuable information for addressing daily challenges. Citizens in Romania have the opportunity to engage with ION through the project's website.

Following the launch in Romania, expressed intentions to collaborate on similar projects with other governments, including the Netherlands. These initiatives seek to utilize AI to represent citizens' voices and needs through advanced conversational interactions with data.

Representing, shared government solution proposals at the Commonwealth Artificial Intelligence Consortium event in New York in September 2023, as well as at the UN General Assembly. [19][14][20]

"In the beginning of AI development, governments in general were not necessarily afraid, but they were very cautious about this technology. Now they understand that you can create an AI for good. They understand that you can use artificial intelligence to empower people and create this link between citizens and decision-makers."
Sabin Dima

Humans.AI BrainBrain is developing BrainBrain, an AI companion hosted on the for AIs, designed to assist users in navigating the space and the market. BrainBrain operates as a specialized Large Language Model (LLM), providing real-time insights to enhance users' decision-making processes. It aims to foster curiosity and democratize AI through its integration with the Humans .[3][21]

Principles of Ethical AI

The European Commission's High-Level Expert Group on AI outlined seven key requirements for trustworthy AI systems. aims to align its platform with these principles by default and design.

  • Human Agency and Oversight: aims to empower human beings by requiring proof of humanity for all AI interactions, fostering informed decisions and fundamental rights.
  • Technical Robustness and Safety: The Humans team prioritizes safety and data privacy in platform design, aiming to ensure resilience, security, accuracy, reliability, and reproducibility to minimize unintentional harm.
  • Privacy and Data Governance: aims to maintain privacy and data governance mechanisms to respect privacy, data protection, and legitimate data access.
  • Transparency: Utilizing technology, aims to ensure transparency and accountability, providing clear information about AI systems' capabilities and limitations.
  • Diversity, Non-Discrimination, and Fairness: aims to promote diversity and accessibility, striving to avoid unfair bias and discrimination to ensure AI systems are accessible to all.
  • Societal and Environmental Well-being: considers societal and environmental impacts, striving for sustainability and positive outcomes for all human beings and future generations.
  • Accountability: aims to implement governance mechanisms to ensure responsibility and accountability for AI systems and their outcomes, recording and overseeing all parties involved in AI creation and management.[1]


The team behind comprises individuals holding key positions:

  • : CEO.
  • : COO.
  • Nicu Sebe: Head of AI department.
  • Florin Otto: Chief Product Officer.
  • Vali Malinoiu: Head of Blockchain division.[22]
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