Razer Rollbit

Razer is the co-founder of , an online casino platform launched in February 2020. [1][2]



 online casino platform that was founded by Razer and his co-founder who have a shared passion for online gambling. The platform has positioned itself at the forefront of the cryptocurrency gambling space by offering instant , & deposits/withdrawals, and a cryptocurrency trading feature. [3]

Razer commented that the platform’s goal was to eliminate the complex nature of trading on traditional crypto exchanges.

Rollbit Coin (RLB)

The Rollbit token (RLB) was launched as an integral part of the Rollbit lottery. There was no (ICO) for RLB. Instead, Rollbit RLB for free to existing users of its casino and trading platform, [6]

The supply of RLB is capped at 5 billion coins. The RLB lottery is set up to drive the demand for the token, acting as entry tickets that give holders the chance to win a share of the casino’s profits. RLB tokens must be staked to enter the lottery. [6]

Initially on , RLB migrated to  in June 2023, due to performance limitations, aiming to elevate user experience and uphold a rewarding approach. [7]

"We felt that being on Solana restricted RLB's growth and therefore are happy to announce that we're migrating RLB to the Ethereum network!" - Razer wrote in a blogpost[7]


On October 12, 2021, Rollbit launched its utility known as Rollbots becoming the first crypto casino to launch its own NFT. [4][5]

Rollbots are a collection of 10,000 robots, generated algorithmically using over 120 traits with proof of ownership on the . [5]

Speaking about the NFT launch, Razer said:

"We're delivering an NFT collection that has utility right from the moment of launch that is unmatched by other projects. The launch follows the introduction of Rollboxes, which are exclusive to Rollbit and give players the chance to win high-valued NFTs. The biggest utility offered by Rollbot NFTs is that holders can create their own Rollboxes, in effect, becoming the house and earning a return for the NFTs they risk."[4]

By owning a Rollbot, users enjoy several VIP perks including creating custom Rollboxes and earning passive income from NFTs, access to a lottery with weekly prizes, profit-sharing from the NFT marketplace, and an enhanced reward program for the user's casino and trading account on Rollbit. [5]

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Razer Rollbit

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