MagicCraft is a PvP multiplayer Online Battle Action game launched on the , It features a play-to-earn model which offers an extensive guild system, taxation, and economy. Players are allowed to enter battle as a single player, or form clans to fight in huge multiplayer battles, all for prizes in its native , $MCRT.[1][2]

MagicCraft aims to create the world's most engaging game, which unites creators, players, digital asset owners, and streamers. It offers both free-to-play and play-to-earn options to suit both crypto-native and crypto-naive gamers. The game will first launch on Android and iOS, before being expanded to a web version, PC versions, and in the future on consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox.[3][4][5]

On the 22, of December 2022, MagicCraft announced its epic action game can now be experienced on PC.[28]


Built and backed by a powerful team that boasts of Global Masterminds and Industry Leaders, aims to provide an extraordinary gaming product to mainstream internet users. The game provides ease of play and is total fun. It offers an advanced turn-based war universe, where players can play through the PvE or PvP modes to earn in-game tokens, collect rewards, and stake them.[6]

MagicCraft is inspired by games like World Of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Lineage-2. It promises gamers huge rewards both in terms of money and assets. Magic Craft is powered by the Unity engine and offers players a thrilling game experience. Players can choose between PvE (players vs environment) and PvP (players vs players) to compete and level up in the game. Fighting for control of various powerful castles in the Magic Craft metaverse provides more than just excitement. As King of the Castle, players can collect taxes in MCRT tokens, the native digital asset of Magic Craft.[7][8]

With MagicCraft we want this phenomenon to become a rage, as our game will have all the ingredients to play more and earn more,” said James Stock Guru, Founder, MagicCraft[14]

The game also offers an in-game NFT marketplace, which allows players to buy, trade, and swap characters, power-ups, and special moves, all purchased with $MCRT, and giving the owners advantages in upcoming battles.

The MagicCraft universe will combine gaming, , NFTs as well as social connections, to create a gaming experience connecting gamers, streamers, digital asset owners, and enthusiasts in one mutually beneficial ecosystem.[9]

The game is all about building clans, expanding territories, upgrading one character attributes, winning battles, and emerging victorious in the metaverse of MagicCraft.[11]


In the MagicCraft world, there are powerful Castles built by the elders. The multiplayer PVP game focuses on ‘Castle Sieges’. Every week clans go to the battlefield, kill each other, claim their loot, conquer and gain ownership of the enemy’s castle. The goal is to level up, fight in groups or as a single PVP, take control of the MagicCraft world, become King of the clan and protect your Castle. The king of the castle and his clan receive spoils of the war in the form of $MCRT. In all, there are 7 Castles to be claimed.[10]
Players can choose mighty heroes & powerful attack weapons from the in-game assets (NFTs). These assets range from FREE to PREMIUM depending on selection and levels. Each character has different traits, items, weapons, armor, spells, magic scrolls, clothing, attacks, and poses. You can collect these characters as they level up the game. Players can also trade these collectibles in the NFT marketplace in exchange for $MCRT.

Skull Grab:

Here, the player will notice purple skulls strewn out above at the arena. The goal is to collect as many as you can, and the amount you collect by the end of the five-minute game will be added to your overall score.

Capture the points:

In this mode, On the arena, there are three control points, which are marked as A, B and C.
Players need to capture these control points and hold them as long as they can, defending against enemy attacks. During the five-minute game session, each successful capture raises the player's score.

Escort the Golem:

Here, Players will find the Golem ball in the middle of the battle arena at the start of each game session. The goal is to get this ball into the opposing team's zone.
The ball is propelled by entering and moving within its sphere. However, the opposition will try and kill anyone to take charge and push it to their zone.[12]

$MCRT Token

$MCRT is the native utility token of the MagicCraft universe, used as part of the in-game economy, staking, rewards, and currency used in the in-game shop. It drives the overall economic model of the game. $MCRT is the key intermediary between the market and the game economy.

It is a multi-chain token currently on, , , , and . It has a maximum supply of 10 billion and offers wide-ranging capabilities.[18][19]

$MCRT Listed Exchanges:

$MCRT Token Utilities:

  • Payments: $MCRT can be used to buy items from the in-game NFT Marketplace, users are allowed to make in-game purchases and power-ups, and participate in MagicCraft team-organized contests and tournaments.
  • Staking: Gamers and community members can use MagicCraft's staking protocol to lock their tokens for passive earning rewards. The higher the APR, the longer the staking period.
  • Tournament prize pools.
  • Incentive: $MCRT will act as the main incentive for gamers participating in Battles, Weekly Tournaments, and Ranking List.
  • Governance: By governance voting, $MCRT holders will influence the crucial aspects of MagicCraft’s development.[16][17]


Tokenomics breakdownnumber of tokens% tokensvesting
All tokens10,000 000 000100.0%
ECO Growth Gaming Issuance3,169 000 00031.69%4 years linear distribution
Team2,200 000 00022.0%3 months lockup,
12 months linear vest
Public sale331,000 000.003.31%
Staking Rewards1,200 000 00012.0%60 months linear release
Privrelease private1,000 000 00010.0%3 months lockup,
12 months linear vest
Liquidity600 000 0006.0%
Advisors600 000 0006.0%3months lockup,
12 months linear vest
Reserve Fund900 000 0009.0%

Private sale and IDO

  • Strategic Seed Rounds ABC Series total of Tokens
  • Private Round 1 $0.003 $750,000
  • Private Round 2 $0.0035 $1,225,000
  • Private Round 3 $0.004 $1,600,000
    PRIVATE TOTAL $3,575,000

IDO Round
IDO $0.006 $2,000,000
TOTAL AMOUNT RAISED $5,575,000[15]

NFT Characters

The game features some in-game characters from different clans namely,
Fallen Guild, Keepers of Arcana Guild, Nightbinders Guild, The Betrothed Guild and Hunters Guild. They are as follows:

Fallen Guild:

  • Sir Templus
  • Brienne
  • Dr. Lutz
  • Gail

Keepers of Arcana Guild:

  • Karas
  • Jean
  • Blazy
  • Leila

Nightbinders Guild:

  • Imorith
  • Vladislav
  • Zap

The Betrothed Guild:

  • Frigard
  • Vega
  • Callie
  • Amun

Hunters Guild:

  • True Shot
  • Craig
  • Tara
  • Moira[23]

9999 Genesis NFTs

Launched on May 15th, 2022, Each of the 9999 Genesis NFTs has its class, rarity level, and qualities. The collection will feature Warriors, Wizards, and Archers. The 9999 characters are either rare, epic, or legendary. There are 3 rarity levels, which are determined by the compilation of attributes. The higher the rarity of the Hero, the bigger the in-game rewards
Each Artwork is Unique and has a different compilation of skills, attributes, and traits.[20]

The collection gives every player the opportunity to own an exclusive Hero that can maximize their capacity to earn real-world money. These NFTs are loaded with distinctive abilities and benefits that provide their owners with a decisive edge in the game. They provide access to Realms, Events, and Raids that are only available to them. Access to a second Summoning Portal is also included, which is an important feature that increases the worth of NFTs from this collection. Genesis NFTs also provide holders access to the Hall of Ancients, where users can browse unique content, interact with Magicverse sellers, and shop in the Crystalline Marketplace.[22]

All Genesis NFT holders will have an exclusive role in our discord channel and will also be guaranteed a whitelist spot for any future NFT collections.[21]

MagicCraft Marketplace

The marketplace is a platform where gamers can exchange in-game items, from NFT characters to accessories and power-ups. It is an integral part of MagicCraft Metaverse.

Gamers as well as Investors/ Crypto Enthusiasts can benefit and make money from its NFT arena. Heroes, Weapons, Armor, and all in-game assets can be unlocked using $MCRT. They can be held as digital assets or traded at the NFT marketplace. Every-Time heroes go to battle and Win, their value increases & Investors gain. Play more to improve Leader-Board Rankings. Higher The Ranking, Higher The Reward.

The marketplace currently supports the sale or purchase of its Genesis NFT collections, either at a set price or via an auction mode.

There will be broadly two kinds of users in the NFT marketplace:


MagicCraft has partnered with some of the most prestigious companies in the crypto space, financial field, news outlet media, and security companies, which includes:


The MagicCraft creators are a multi-disciplined team of highly skilled, passionate professionals from around the world. Being developed by top global gaming studios and the project is led by James Crypto Guru, an 18-year business veteran with a diverse background in enterprise and investing.[24]

  • James Crypto Guru - Founder
  • Davinci Jeremie - Media Advisor
  • The Moon Carl - Advisor
  • Chris MMCrypto - Advisor
  • Slavik Junge - Advisor
  • CryptoMo - Consultant
  • Roman Shportko - Executive Producer
    Timoté Chanut - Advisor
  • Cripto Avances
  • Marc Nieto
  • Philipp Lloyd
  • Hristo Piyanko - Tokenomics advisor
  • CryptoBobo
  • DustyBC[25]


Q3 2021

  • Private & seed rounds
  • Token Smart Contract
  • Listing on CMC,
  • IDO

Q4 2021

  • Listing on DEX
  • Tokenomics
  • First character sneak peeks
  • Game development begins

Q1 2022

  • Official trailer
  • NFTs with heroes
  • Preview maps/realms/characters
  • Game development updates

Q2 2022

  • Establishing key partnerships
  • Staking Launch
  • 9,999 NFT Genesis Collection

Q3 2022

  • Listing on CEX
  • MOBA concept
  • Gameplay Trailer
  • VIP Closed Beta launch
  • NFT Marketplace Launch

Q4 2022

  • Public Beta Launch (Android & iOS versions) – Adaptation to PC
  • Listing high-tier CEX – NFT character integration

Q1 2023

  • Guild system development
  • Expanding the Game
  • First tournaments with prizes in $MCRT

Q2 2023

  • $MCRT Integration
  • Taxation & Economy system activation
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