PARSIQ is a data indexing platform that provides a full-suite data network for building the backend of all Web3 and protocols. Its easy-to-use APIs offer real-time and historical data querying capabilities for protocols and their clients. With PARSIQ's Custom API, users can filter complex data tailored to their specific blockchain data needs. [1][2]


Founded in 2018, PARSIQ provides APIs for data retrieval that can be used for research and analysis, building, and a source for Web3 gaming, trading platforms, projects, and more. Through their platform, users are able to pull live data, aiming to serve as a reliable and scalable data solution for people in the and space. [1][3][9]


Tsunami API

PARSIQ's Tsunami API serves as a real-time data gateway, offering access to blockchain transaction data across multiple networks. Users can stay informed with up-to-date notifications and insights into their transaction activities, aiming to heighten security and timely decision-making. [4]

Data Lakes

PARSIQ's Data Lakes offer a versatile and customizable approach to data management, enabling users to tailor their own Web3 APIs to extract specific and targeted data. The integration of personalized business logic allows users control over data access and analysis, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of their crypto transactions. [5]

SDK for Developers

PARSIQ's SDK provides with a toolkit for creating custom Web3 APIs and blockchain solutions. By simplifying the development process and providing control over data workflows, the SDK encourages the creation of tailored solutions that cater to project requirements, fostering a dynamic and adaptable crypto transaction tracking ecosystem. [6]


NFT API allows users to pull data related to collections and projects. Users are able to obtain data through 6 different endpoints, which includes, Get NFT by Address, Get NFT History, Get NFT Collection Holders, Get NFT Metadata, and Get Collection Metadata. [7]

Balances API

Balances API allows users to acquire data regarding current native currency and tokens stored in an externally owned account (EOA) wallet through the address associated with the account. This API is divided into three endpoints: Get Balances by Address, Get Balances by Contract, and Get Contract Metadata. [8]

PRQ Token

PRQ is the native utility and driving the PARSIQ Network, facilitating access to services, for rewards, and participation in the governance of the platform while also serving as a key component in the upcoming data monetization model. The new model being developed for PRQ involves the staking of the token for individuals interested in building on PARSIQ Network. This will enable them to run Data Lakes, which can then be monetized. The concept allows users to leverage their PRQ holdings to create and manage Data Lakes, repositories for storing and processing large amounts of data. Through this system, users will have the opportunity to generate revenue by providing data services within the PARSIQ ecosystem. [10][12]

Supported Chains

PARSIQ is compatible with prominent chains such as , , , , , and Metis, delivering a tracking system across various blockchain networks. [1]


  • Anatoly Ressin: Co-Founder / Chief Blockchain Architect
  • Andre Kalinowski: Co-Founder / Digital Forensics Engineer
  • Tom Tirman: Co-Founder
  • Rong Kai Wong: CEO
  • Daniil Romazanov: CTO


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