Ponke is a -based monkey-themed  that was launched on the 24th of December, 2023. The project was inspired by the yellow often angry Monkey and is currently available for purchase on eight top CEXs and recently partnered with GotBit Hedge Fund.[1][2]

In March, $PONKE recorded an all-time high market capitalization of $95 million, with a trading volume of over $100 million.[23]


Ponke is a community-driven operating on the . It has established itself as a unique and accessible brand in the cryptocurrency space, aiming to simplify the onboarding process for newcomers to the world of digital currency, particularly within the Solana ecosystem. By being listed on major exchanges, Ponke has increased its accessibility to a wider audience. Additionally, Ponke's community-driven approach emphasizes user engagement by providing tools such as a 'helmet' feature for community members and maintaining active social media channels to cultivate a vibrant, engaged community around the token.[3][4]

PONKE is a degenerate gambler with anger issues on the Solana network.[1]

$PONKE gained significant traction in the cryptocurrency community when it launched on Christmas Eve in 2023. It experienced one of the most successful launches in Solana's history, achieving a $30 million market cap, and $45 million in volume, and attracting 10,000 holders within its first 24 hours.[5]
wikiIn March, the team announced that its core team had grown from 4 to 18 members since its launch. The team now includes individuals from various areas of expertise, including the Marketing Department, devhouse, and Legal/Finance within the crypto space.

On the 16th of January 2024, Ponke announced its partnership with Gotbit Hedge Fund, a  hedge fund.[6]

Gotbit Hedge Fund is excited to announce a partnership with @ponkesol
Huge strong community, professional development team, a meme that needs no introduction!
Gotbit HF will support Ponke in reaching new heights and unlocking its enormous potential.

On December 29, HTX, one of the largest exchanges in Asia, announced the listing of $PONKE on its trading platform, making $PONKE available for trading to over 46 million registered users. This partnership earned Ponke more visibility in the crypto space.[12]

On January 17, 2024, , a trading platform, announced the listing of $PONKE in its Innovation and Meme Zone, featuring an active trading pair, PONKE/USDT.[13], a trading platform, announced on March 14, 2024, the listing of Ponke ($PONKE) on its Spot trading platform, featuring an active trading pair, PONKE/USDT.[7]

Ponke has collaborated with over 10 high-end crypto influencers, including Davinci Jeremie, who famously called BTC at $1, Eunice D Wong, JAKE, Crypto Rover, Jackson Hunter, MANDO CT, Jakey, Kyle Chassé, Crypto Banter, 𝔭𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖙, Clarissa Yorke, Rodney, Steki.eth, and many others.[14][15][16][17]

Ponke Ecosystem

The Ponke ecosystem consists of The validator and Memetrend, each fulfilling distinct roles to enhance the overall functionality and utility of the Ponke token.


wikiMemetrend stands as one of Ponke's key utilities. Memetrend is a trading bot that allows traders to quickly and safely trade their tokens of choice on . It is a revolutionary trading bot similar to except it offers more options than Bonkbot, enabling meme coins to pay a fee to utilize its services by being traded. This innovative approach has the potential to generate over half a million dollars a month, making it a massive platform for all traders.

With Memetrendbot, gone are the days of juggling multiple tabs to make educated trades.

This all-in-one platform streamlines the trading process, promising significant revenue for $PONKE.[19]

A key feature of Memetrendbot is its revenue-sharing model, where 25% of all platform earnings are used to buy back and burn Ponke tokens. This strategic move enhances the scarcity and value of Ponke tokens, benefiting token holders. Memetrendbot offers a comprehensive range of services, including Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), meme coin trending, Telegram (TG) trending, and much more, all under one umbrella. Its integration with the ensures fast and secure token trading, providing users with a seamless trading experience.[20]

The Validator

The Validator is also one of Ponke's utilities, serving as a Solana validator for the community. By contributing, users can earn rewards, all led by a passionate community of degenerates.

A validator is an individual or a group responsible for running software that stores data, verifies transactions, and adds new blocks in a proof-of-stake (PoS) . Validators are replaced by miners in a . A Solana validator is a crucial component of the network responsible for verifying transactions and generating new blocks. Validators also participate in the consensus process to maintain Blockchain security, functionality, and decentralization.[21][22]


wiki$PONKE has a total Supply of 555,555,555 tokens adhering to the SPL-20 token type., which follows a 100% fair launch policy, emphasizing an equitable distribution among its community members.[8]

$PONKE tokens can be traded on centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges, which include ,, HTX, , , , bitrue, MEXC, , and Orca.[9]

On December 26, 2023, Ponke announced that it had sent out 1.1% of its total supply (worth $357,000) of to the treasury address.[11]


  • Hey Wallet[18]
  • Gotbit Hedge Fund
  • Hello Moon
  • Zebec
  • Klever Wallet


Ponke is built on the  , a  platform founded by . Solana stands out for its innovative transaction verification method, which combines proof of stake with its unique proof of history system.

$PONKE ownership structure is designed to prioritize decentralization. It includes full renouncement of ownership and zero creator and Token Update Authority balances. This approach sets $PONKE apart from other , addressing concerns about centralization and giving the community a significant role in shaping its development.[10]

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