Sora Ventures

Sora Ventures is an Asia-based venture capital firm, with the focus on digital assets and investments. [1][2]


Sora Ventures was founded in early 2018 by with the purpose of providing a product that is transparent and accountable. They started with investing in layer 1 projects with the emphasis on media and entertainment, especially gaming, which they thought was the easiest to get into at the time. They then branched out into secondary market, equity market and token market investments. [3]

“Started Sora Ventures with the aim to try to have as much transparency and accountability.”


On April 1, 2018, Sora Ventures led a funding round, raising a total of $1.5M for the ICO issuance company, Coincart. [4][5]

In April 2018, Thunder Token launched the , receiving investment from Sora Ventures, SV Angel, JD capital and Obsidian Capital. [6]

On July 9, 2018, Sora Ventures participated in a seed funding round led by Nirvana Capital and Continue Capital, raising $2.4 million for cloud security company, Immutable Systems. [7][8]

In December 2018, Alphaslot, a Hong Kong-based gaming startup, raised a multimillion-dollar funding round led by Sora Ventures, with participation from other investors such as Spartan Group, TRG, and Primitive Ventures. The company aims to build a blockchain-powered gaming ecosystem that integrates online and land-based gaming environments using utility tokens and Alphaslot's blockchain system. Alphaslot's initial focus was on the casino gaming sector, with plans to capture the entire gaming market. The funding was to be used to expand its operations in Hong Kong and launch its tokenized blockchain entertainment platform in the gaming industry. [9][10]

On April 16th 2021, Sora Ventures participated in a private funding round led by Mechanism Capital, raising $3.7 million for . The funding round also involved the contribution of several investment players, including Capital, Hashkey Capital, and DeFi Alliance. The fund was used to create a credit derivatives market by interconnecting with existing DeFi protocols. By separating future yield from base yield-bearing assets, Pendle aimed to support yield markets across DeFi platforms. To trade future yield tokens (XYT), the protocol created an that incorporates a dynamic curve to normalize risk exposure. [11]

In December 2021, MetaVisa, a middleware protocol on that focuses on developing decentralized identity and credit systems in the metaverse, raised $5 million in seed and private rounds from various venture capital firms including Sora Ventures. The MetaVisa Protocol Credit Score (MCS) uses data to establish and display on-chain identity and credit records, which can help , , GameFi, and better serve their users. [12]


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Sora Ventures

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