DEXTools is an application and ecosystem designed for traders that provides real-time information about decentralized markets. By assimilating data into its comprehensive user interface, DEXTools allows users to have a clear vision of their trading activities, investments, and the current state of the market. [5]


DEXTools was co-founded as a public beta version in June 2020 by , the CEO of the platform, and , the CMO. The duo met at a traders group in 2017 and began a professional friendship, which bore the foundation of DEXTools in 2020. [9]

DEXTools provides information on token pairs across multiple supported blockchains and protocols. Traders can gain crucial knowledge of new token pairs and exchange insights while keeping up to date with known pair/token activity. Such as the hottest gainers, or losers thereof.  Community managers can keep tabs on DeFi protocols and tokens of interest through the designated tabs. [6]

In March 2023, the DEXTools team announced that it had burned 3M tokens more (3% of our circulating supply). To celebrate, the team launched the Burn Dashboard used to check and be informed about DEXTools revenues and burns. [10][11]

DEXT Token

DEXT token is the native token of the DEXTools platform used to unlock different features on the platform according to tiers through paying for subscriptions and also to access premium trading groups and community initiatives. [3]

DEXT is a multi-chain token that exists both on the and on the . [9]


At launch, 200 Million DEXT tokens were created. 100 million tokens were set aside as team funds;
50% of team funds (50M) were burned, leaving a total supply of 150 Million DEXT. From all subscription tokens used to pay DEXT features, DEXT Team burns 10% each month making it a deflationary system. [3][8]

DEXT Academy

DEXTools Academy provides a wide range of resources covering various topics to assist users in getting started in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. In addition to learning about the DEXTools platform, users can also access educational content on cryptocurrencies and stay updated with relevant news. [7]

DEXTools Academy offers free Learn-To-Earn videos on YouTube, designed to be accessible to users of all skill levels, from beginners new to DeFi to experienced traders seeking to enhance their skills. [7]



DEXTools, in collaboration with Bitbase prepared a unique event conceived as a tribute to DEXT Force (which is DEXTool’s investment and venture platform), but open to everyone: crypto and technology lovers. [12]

The  is a  event held at La Llotja de Mar, a historical space in the heart of Barcelona, Spain from November 10 to 11, 2023. The event features 50+ renowned speakers, 15+ DJs, and Web-related activities all aimed at investors, executives, companies, and individuals. [12]


DEXTools x CoinMarketCap

In March 2021, DEXTools announced its partnership with , a price-tracking website for crypto. The collaboration was done to help DEXTools expand its user base and provide new users with data insights. [14]

"We are proud and excited to announce our partnership with CoinMarketCap. CMC has recognized our product and its quality and has chosen us to be a reliable partner to move forward and strengthen their position in the Defi sector," - , Co-Founder and CEO of DexTools.[14]

DEXTools x Solana

In May 2022, DEXTools announced integrating into its application. The partnership with Solana included API integrations on exchanges associated with its network, such as Orca, Raydium Protocol, Step Finance, Saber, and Aldrin Exchange. This integration enables traders to track any token launched on the Solana ecosystem with advanced real-time data insights and tools that will help them create unique trading strategies. Moreover, it allows them to anticipate token chart movements, track and copy the most profitable wallets, and invest and trade. [15]

“The goal of DEXTools is to be the campfire for world’s crypto enthusiasts to gather and work together, be it projects, traders, crypto VCs, institutional investors, or even non-crypto enterprises that are interested in joining our community.” - Javier Palomino, Co-Founder and CEO of DEXTools. [15]

DEXTools x Floki

On March 29, 2023, formed a strategic marketing partnership with DEXTools to launch a campaign to expose the Floki brand to 140 million+ crypto users. The Floki branding is to be strategically placed in DEXTools “Top Sponsor” and “Top Button” locations for 1 full year, introducing Floki to DEXTools users. The FLOKI-DEXTools campaign started on the 22nd of February, 2023 by 7 pm UTC. [13]

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