GoPlus is a user security data platform, recognized for its real-time and automated security detection environment. The platform, known for developing SecWare X, emphasizes transparency and user empowerment by offering permissionless security data and an end-user service environment. [1][2]


GoPlus was founded in September 2020 by . Located in Central Region, Singapore, the network handles over 15 million data calls daily and features token and detection, identification of malicious addresses, approval security APIs, and contract security. [3][4]

Future developments for GoPlus include the introduction of the security engine "SecScan" and SecWare Middleware, with plans to unveil the user-centric personal security center, SecWare X. The platform's focus on innovation and user-oriented security solutions positions it within the evolving landscape of Web3 security. [1]

GoPlus Security Engine finished an angel round in August 2021, led by SevenX Ventures with , DeltaBC, Puzzle Venture, YouBi Capital, Incuba Alpha, Lucid Blue, InsurAce, and Richard Ma, the CEO of . [5]

In April 2022, the Web3 security-infrastructure startup raised a multimillion dollar-private funding round led by and other multiple chain entities, including Capital, Incubator, Ventures, , Harmony, Avatar with Asia Star Fund, , SevenX Ventures, GSR Markets and Geekcarte. , Co-Founder of and Head of Binance Labs, commented:

“Security is foundational to the ever-growing Web3 ecosystem and community. By supporting consumer-facing solutions like Goplus Security, we hope to see how security services to end users can evolve and prosper. ” [6]

GoPlus Research

GoPlus Research is a section on GoPlus dedicated to advancing security, prioritizing open, transparent, and collaborative research methods. The research hub offers a substantial collection of security data, providing a platform for global researchers to explore contemporary security strategies and technologies. With connections to industry projects, GoPlus Research aims to understand and address the security challenges faced by these projects and their users, enabling the provision of relevant research topics to its team. [8]


GoPlus Security Network provides security data to its partners in the form of APIs, collaborating to offer security data services to users. It covers various scenarios, including asset storage risks, usage risks, transaction risks, potential risks, and more. [7]

Its APIs include Token Security API - GeckoTerminal DEXTools, etc., NFT Security API - NFTScan, SafePal, etc., Malicious Address API - SlowMist, BlockSec, etc., Approval Security API - TokenPocket, SafePal, etc., and dAPP Security Info API - OperaCrypto, OneKey, etc. [7]

The platform also serves partners such as Wallets, Bots, Data Websites, AI tools, User security tools, and such as , , etc. [7]

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