Notcoin is a streamlined clicker game integrated into the Telegram messaging platform. [1][4]

Launched in late 2023 as a Telegram mini-app, leveraging Telegram's widespread adoption to engage users in a casual yet intriguing digital asset accumulation scenario. [4]

Players interact with the game by tapping on a digital coin, thereby in-game currency aptly named NOTCOIN. This gameplay mechanic subtly introduces users to the fundamental concepts of operations, such as accumulation and the digital nature of assets, within a familiar and accessible interface. [1][2][3][6][7]

NOTCOIN Gameplay

The gameplay is crafted to be accessible, captivating over 35 million users by providing an effortless introduction to the world of . With its substantial user base and widespread social media buzz, Notcoin is recognized as a significant force in the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming sector.[2]


The concept was straightforward: a virtual coin would appear on the screen, and players could accumulate points by tapping on it. These points, known as Notcoins, served as the forerunners to what would soon evolve into a major digital asset.

The game's popularity surged, attracting a large number of players and paving the way for one of the most significant gaming token launches in recent history. The appeal of NOTCOIN was not only in its gameplay but also in the promise it offered—a promise of a new type of asset that combined the excitement of gaming with the potential of . [2][7]

The viral clicker game Notcoin effectively "solved the problem" of introducing Telegram users to . [3]

Genesis and Viral Rise of NOT

Notcoin (NOT) was initially unveiled as a closed beta in November 2023 within the Telegram platform, positioned as a meme coin aimed purely at viral engagement without a defined utility. Despite the development team's limited prior experience, Notcoin captivated a substantial audience, quickly securing over 650,000 users in just a few weeks of its beta phase.

Official Launch and Rapid Adoption

The game's official rollout on January 1, 2024, marked a pivotal moment, drawing over 5 million players in the first week. This explosive growth was significantly supported by the Foundation, which not only legitimized the endeavor but also provided essential technical resources, greatly enhancing the game’s credibility and operational capabilities.[5]

Future Plans - Towards Tradable Assets

Currently, Notcoin does not function as a tradable . However, plans are underway to mint a Notcoin token (NOT) on the . This strategic move will enable players to convert their in-game Notcoin accruals into a tradable digital asset, thereby elevating the game's economic stature and appeal. The success of the NOT token hinges on several critical factors including market trends in the cryptocurrency sector, player engagement levels, and the intrinsic utility of the token within the Notcoin ecosystem.[2]

Technology Driving NOTCOIN

Platform and Blockchain Integration

NOTCOIN is powered by the Telegram , renowned for its robust transaction throughput and advanced security features. The choice of TON as the underlying technology reflects the scale and ambition behind NOTCOIN, aiming to leverage the 's capabilities to support large-scale user engagement.[5]

Key Technical Features

  1. Blockchain Foundation: Utilizes the Telegram , known for its efficiency and security.
  2. Consensus Mechanism: TON employs a cutting-edge that significantly enhances both the speed and security of transactions. The specifics of this mechanism, while not fully disclosed, contribute to the high-performance profile of the .
  3. Token Supply: NOTCOIN boasts a total token supply of approximately 102.7 billion, all of which are currently in circulation, indicating a broad distribution strategy from the outset.
  4. User Engagement and Accessibility: The technical architecture of NOTCOIN is designed to maximize user engagement and accessibility. By integrating seamlessly with Telegram, which has over 500 million active users, NOTCOIN taps into a vast potential market, making it conveniently accessible to a global audience. This integration not only simplifies user interaction but also enhances the potential for rapid adoption and widespread popularity of the game. [5]

Understanding how NOTCOIN works

Platform Integration and Gameplay Mechanics

NOTCOIN operates on the Telegram ) , employing a tap-to-earn mechanic that enables players to accumulate NOTCOIN through interactive gameplay. This mechanic involves clicking on an animated coin displayed in the Telegram app, making the game both simple and accessible, even for those new to cryptocurrencies.

Key Gameplay Features

  1. Click Mining: Players earn NOTCOINs by clicking on the animated coin in the Telegram chat. Initially, each click awards one NOTCOIN, but players can upgrade their earning potential through various in-game enhancements​.
  2. Energy and Boosters: To ensure fair play, NOTCOIN incorporates an energy system that limits the number of permissible clicks per session. This energy replenishes over time. Players can also invest in boosters using their NOTCOINs, which not only extend energy limits but also speed up energy recovery. These boosters can even enable the automatic generation of NOTCOINs, ensuring progress even when the player is not actively engaged.
  3. Bonuses and Squads: Additional NOTCOINs can be earned through social interactions, such as inviting friends to join the game or participating in "squads." Squads are groups or channels within Telegram that engage in competitive leaderboards, furthering the game's communal and competitive aspects.

Future Tokenization Plans

While currently NOTCOINs are confined as in-game assets without tangible monetary value, there are strategic plans to tokenize NOTCOIN on the blockchain. This advancement will allow NOTCOINs to be traded and utilized outside the game, providing them with genuine economic value.

By integrating these features, NOTCOIN not only introduces users to the realm of digital currencies and blockchain technology but also provides an engaging and rewarding experience.[5]

NOTCOIN: A Community-Driven Play-to-Earn Initiative

Key Highlights of NOTCOIN's Community-Centric Approach

  1. Community Empowerment: NOTCOIN places a strong emphasis on its community by distributing a significant portion of its tokens to users. This strategy not only fosters a robust sense of ownership among participants but also enhances their engagement and loyalty to the project.
  2. Experienced Team: The core team at NOTCOIN brings together more than eight years of collective experience in the field, underlining their dedication to the project’s sustained success. Their long-term commitment is aimed at steering the project through various phases of growth and adaptation.
  3. Technical Expertise: Although specific details are sparse, the founders are supported by a highly skilled technical team equipped to tackle complex challenges. This technical prowess is crucial in maintaining the smooth operation and continuous development of the project.
  4. Organic User Growth: The development of NOTCOIN has been predominantly fueled by genuine user enthusiasm on Telegram, reflecting its organic and community-oriented nature.
  5. Understanding Market Dynamics: While aware of the potential initial selling pressure due to early token distribution, NOTCOIN is designed to achieve a natural market equilibrium over time. This approach is reflective of a strategic understanding of market behaviors and economic forces.[3][5][1]

Economic strategies and utility enhancement in NOTCOIN

Staking Initiatives to Strengthen Network Integrity

Shortly after its launch, NOTCOIN will offer staking opportunities, allowing token holders to contribute to network security and transaction validation. This initiative not only aims to reward participants with earnings for their contribution but also ensures the stability and reliability of the blockchain network.

Inflation Control through Token Burning

To manage token supply and enhance its value, NOTCOIN implements a burning mechanism. This strategy involves permanently removing a portion of tokens from circulation during various transactions and interactions within the game, such as trading and earning activities. This deflationary tactic is designed to counteract inflation and enhance the scarcity and perceived value of the token over time.[2][3]

NOTCOIN launches with a $1 billion FDV on the ton blockchain

Impressive Market Entry

NOTCOIN has commenced trading with a fully diluted valuation (FDV) of $1 billion, following its distribution through an and listings on multiple exchanges. The token achieved an impressive $294 million in trading volume within just the first hour of trading, as reported by . This robust initial performance underscores the market's strong interest and optimism in the potential of NOTCOIN.

Innovative Staking Mechanisms

To encourage farmers to retain their tokens, NOTCOIN has introduced a staking mechanism. This system is designed not only to reward holders but also to integrate with the game's mechanics—staking requirements vary depending on a player’s level within the game, enhancing engagement and providing access to more lucrative staking pools. This strategic approach aims to stabilize the token's value and deepen user involvement in the NOTCOIN ecosystem.

Founder's Vision and Community Impact

Sasha Plotvinov, the founder of NOTCOIN developer Open Builders, expressed enthusiasm about the project's journey, stating, “It’s been an amazing few months. We’re extremely proud that NOTCOIN’s viral growth has introduced millions to crypto and ecosystem." His sentiment reflects the broader ambition of NOTCOIN to serve as a gateway for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency through engaging and accessible gameplay.


Initial Surge and Market Response

NOTCOIN (NOT) experienced a remarkable debut, quickly reaching an all-time high of $0.037 shortly after its launch. The token's introduction on major exchanges like led to an impressive surge in trading volume, catapulting NOT to the eighth position among cryptocurrencies with a trading volume exceeding $1.4 billion within just 24 hours.

Post-Launch Volatility

Despite the initial success, NOTCOIN’s trading volume experienced a significant downturn. By the time of this writing, the daily trading volume has decreased to $118 million, marking over 91% drop since its peak on May 16th, as reported by Santiment. This decline reflects the cooling of the initial enthusiasm and the market's adjustment to the new influx of tokens.

Impact on Toncoin and Price Fluctuations

The launch of NOTCOIN also appeared to impact the . The token that powers NOTCOIN has seen more than a 50% reduction in its value in the first week since listing. Currently, NOT is trading at $0.0049, showing a 55% decrease from its initial price following the substantial , which distributed nearly $1 billion worth of NOT tokens to eligible investors.[16]


Trading Platforms and Volume

NOT tokens are actively traded on several centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. is the primary platform for buying and trading NOTCOIN, featuring the most popular trading pair, NOT/, which has seen a trading volume of $46,616,765 in the last 24 hours (as at the time this article was created). Other notable exchanges include and , where NOTCOIN also maintains significant trading activity. [6][5]

Token Supply and Allocation

NOTCOIN has a maximum supply cap of 102 billion tokens, with a strategic allocation designed to support various stakeholders within the ecosystem:
Notcoin's maximum supply is 102 billion, with 3% (3.06 billion tokens) allocated to Launchpool users and a further 1.5% (1.53 billion tokens) set aside for Jumpstart users.

Miners and Voucher Holders

The largest share, 80 billion $NOT (approximately 78% of the total supply), is reserved for miners and voucher holders who play a critical role in contributing to the network’s security and verifying transaction processes.

New Users and Future Game Phases
To ensure ongoing growth and engagement, 22 billion $NOT are reserved for new users and future expansions of the game.[2]


Recent Price Fluctuations

The highest recorded price for NOTCOIN was $0.007486 on May 17, 2024. The price as of the last record on May 25, 2024, $0.005011, stands 33.06% lower than this peak. Conversely, the lowest price was $0.004611, recorded May 24, with the current price showing a modest increase of 9.3% from this minimum.

Market Capitalization

Currently, NOTCOIN has a market capitalization of $512,137,821 and holds the rank of #161 on .

Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV)

The fully diluted valuation (FDV) of NOTCOIN is also set at $512,137,821. This valuation represents the theoretical market cap if all 100 billion NOT tokens were in circulation today. The actual time frame to reach this full circulation can extend over several years, depending on the token's emission schedule. [6]


NOTCOIN Founder/Co-Creator

In a recent interview, Co-creator Sasha Plotvinov was asked about notcoin in clicker form and what else can be associated with notcoin? He said;

“Notcoin will change from tapalka to a new story. There are projects that need new users. Let’s switch to Explore-to-Earn technology. Currently, the advertising market is structured in such a way that products pay the platform for advertising, but users receive nothing from it. But recently, platforms still understand that at least content creators need to pay. We decided to make sure that the products give notcoin directly to people. In this case, through activities and companies.”[8]


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First Introduction - November 2023. Introduced as a closed beta within Telegram. The game was initially marketed as a with no clear purpose beyond being a viral

First Launch - January 1, 2024. The launch was a significant event, drawing in millions of players in just the first week and demonstrating the project’s widespread appeal.

Launch on Major Exchanges – May 16, 2024 – , , , , [9][10][11][12][13]

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