Guufy is a launched in April 2024. It embodies a borderless community's ethos, advocating for love and freedom for all. Guufy takes pride in its mission to unite people worldwide, transcending barriers of geography, culture, race, and religion.[1]

On the 4th of April, 2024, Guufy announced it burned 800 million (10% of the total supply) $GUUFY tokens. The team also announced they have locked all team tokens (5% allocated), amounting to 405 million $GUUFY, until the US presidential elections on November 5, 2024.[2][3]


Guufy embodies a profound vision beyond its status. It serves as the banner for a borderless community that champions love and freedom for all. Guufy's core ethos centers on uniting the global community, transcending geographical, cultural, racial, and religious divides.

The slogan "Guufy for President" is not just a catchy phrase; it symbolizes a powerful movement for change, unity, and fairness on a global scale. Grounded in the belief that every voice deserves to be heard, Guufy embodies hope, courage, and a playful spirit essential for addressing the world's challenges.[1]
wikiThe movement envisions a future where justice, equality, and happiness are not abstract ideals but tangible realities for all individuals. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, Guufy aims to inspire and mobilize a global audience to advocate for social justice, environmental sustainability, and economic equality.

Guufy represents the collective yearning for a world governed by principles of fairness, compassion, and inclusivity. It is dedicated to making a meaningful impact both locally and internationally, striving to create a world where love and freedom are universal.[4]

On April 18, 2024, MEXC, a  trading platform, announced the listing of $GUUFY in its Innovation and Meme Zone, featuring an active trading pair, $GUUFY/.[5]

Guufy has collaborated with over 10 high-end KOLs, including, Crypto Rover, Altcrypto Gems, Satoshinin Kuzeni, Crypto ₿east, CryptoVonDoom, jack23, Matt, and many others.[6][7]

On April 3rd, Guufy forged a partnership with Chris Bertish, contributing $5000 towards the construction of a school in a marginalized area of Northern Kenya.[8]


wiki$GUUFY boasts a total supply of 8.1 billion tokens, equivalent to one token for every human being, following the SPL-20 token type. The token's launch was entirely fair, with no pre-sale allocation or Kol allocation. The token allocation is divided into Liquidity (70%), Marketing (15%), CEX listings (10%), and Team (5%).[1]

Functioning as a and function within its global ecosystem, $GUUFY will be utilized in opening chapters worldwide. It will serve as the voting system to determine the future direction of the community.[9]

In April 2024, Guufy made a significant announcement, burning 800 million $GUUFY tokens, which account for 10% of the total supply. Additionally, the team disclosed that all team tokens, amounting to 405 million $GUUFY (5% allocated), have been locked until the US presidential elections on November 5, 2024.

$GUUFY can be traded on and which include MEXC, , and .[10]


$GUUFY is built on the  , a  platform founded by . Solana stands out for its innovative transaction verification method, which combines proof of stake with its unique proof of history system.

$GUUFY ownership structure is designed to prioritize decentralization. It includes full renouncement of ownership and zero creator and Token Update Authority balances. This approach sets $GUUFY apart from other , addressing concerns about centralization and giving the community a significant role in shaping its development.[11]

Road Map

Phase 1

Spread the "Guufy for President" message worldwide through digital campaigns and partnerships, building a strong supporter base.

Phase 2

inform on key issues like justice, sustainability, and equality. Drive advocacy for policy change through education and active engagement.

Phase 3

Support local action with resources and networks, turning grassroots energy into impactful initiatives.

Phase 4

The Team will take "Guufy for President" global, illuminating famous landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, Times Square, Eiffel Tower, and more to share the dream of a fairer world. This phase aims to showcase the campaign's message everywhere, involving everyone in the movement.[12]

How To Buy $GUUFY

  • Step 1: The user acquires SOL from a crypto exchange such as , or .
  • Step 2: Download Softflare or and transfer the acquired SOL to their SOL address.
  • Step 3: The user connects their wallet to to initiate the process.
  • Step 4: They swap their SOL for $GUUFYT on , making sure to reserve some SOL for transaction fees and considering a slippage of 5-10% to enhance the likelihood of a successful swap.[13]

Buy from MEXC

To purchase $GUUFY from MEXC, one needs to follow a few simple steps. Firstly, the individual must create a MEXC account if they do not already have one. Subsequently, they should deposit funds into their account in the form of . Once the funds are successfully deposited, they can navigate to the Spot trading section on both MEXC's platforms. From there, they should locate $GUUFY in the trading pairs list and select the USDT/$GUUFY pair. Finally, they can execute the trade to exchange their USDT for $GUUFY.

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