Kubz, founded by Keung, is a collection of lion cub NFTs available on the blockchain. It provides a treasure-hunting experience within the Keungz ecosystem. [7]



Kubz NFT features 10,000 distinct items, offering a treasure-hunting experience through the use of adorable lion cubs. It represents the second-tier level of the space and provides access to various Keungz-related projects, including YogaPetz. Due to its exclusive access to members-only channels, exciting games, rewards, and win-in-game prizes from ETH to , Kubz has been fully embraced in the NFT space. [3][7][8]


In December 2022, the Kubz collection was minted at 0.469 ETH during a 48-hour period. On December 30, 2022, Kubz was airdropped to the wallets allocated to Kubz. Within less than 24 hours, it became the #1 collection on the trending chart and the #2 collection on the OpenSea top chart, right behind . Within 36 hours of the airdrop, it reached a trading volume of over 1,000 ETH. [3]

On January 1, 2023, announced the Kubz Hold & Earn event, featuring prizes worth 1,000 ETH+ in NFTs and tokens. This announcement led , co-founder and COO of , to buy 9 Kubz on January 2, 2023. [3]

On January 5, 2023, announced that Kubz had been whitelisted for trading on their platform. Later, on January 27, 2023, provided Yogapetz-related details for Kubz holders: 3 Kubz equals 1 Petzlist, and 6 Kubz equals 1 Resortlist (whitelist for Petzland). [3]

In February 2023, Kubz Genesis Breeding was launched through a Discord announcement. The Kubz collection allows holders to participate in play and earn game-winning prizes ranging from ETH to NFTs. Holders also enjoy exclusive access to the members-only channel within the Keungz Discord, as well as priority access to all projects created or advised by Keung. Furthermore, owners have the opportunity to have Kubz Relic, Ordinal Kubz, , and . [1][2][3][7]

Initially, only 5,787 Kubz were released for public auction, while the remaining Kubz can be minted through breeding. Within the Kubz NFT collection, many enthusiasts aim to obtain the Kubz relic, which houses the most random and valuable NFTs from multiple collections. As of June 2023, there were 2,041 owners with at least one Kubz NFT in their wallets. The total sales volume of Kubz reached $212.73k, with an average Kubz NFT price of $1.5k. Notably, in June 2023, KUB 01 #1 became the most expensive Kubz NFT ever sold, fetching a price of $8,000. [3][4][5]

Keungz Ecosystem

The Keungz Ecosystem includes two collections: Keungz Genesis and Kubz. Both collections allow participation in 'Hold & Earn' and 'Gashapon,' offering advantages for joining the upcoming YogaPetz Ecosystem. [3]


Kubz works in three phases: baby keungz, hold/play and earn, and gashapon. [3]

Phase 1: Baby Keungz

Babies gain experience points (Exp) as well as levels and can be equipped with different gears. Keungz Genesis Breeding allows for the creation of unique and diverse baby characters. In Adventure mode, players can participate in interactive gameplay while earning rewards. [3]

Phase 2: Hold/Play and Earn

The steps involved in this phase are as follows: [3]

  • Forming a team of three using Genesis or Kubz.
  • Utilizing spirituality to join and defeat enemies.
  • Defeating enemies to win prizes, including 1,000 ETH+, NFTs, and tokens.

Phase 3: Gashapon

In this phase, Gashapon machines allow holders to earn tickets for drawing various rewards (daily, weekly, or monthly). The rewards include different blue chip NFTs, tokens, gears, and WL. Additionally, more prizes are continuously being added. [3]


Kubz NFTs come with several benefits, such as: [3]

  • 'Hold On for Dear Life' (HODL) and Spirituality: Spirituality plays a pivotal role in the Keungz Ecosystem, and Kubz NFT holders can earn it through the 'Hold On for Dear Life' approach.
  • Priority and Advantage in Keungz Projects: Kubz NFT holders enjoy priority status and advantages in all Keungz projects.
  • Play & Earn Game Team Membership: Kubz NFT owners become team members in the Play & Earn game.
  • Access to a Private Lounge on Discord: Holders gain entry to a private lounge within the Keungz Discord community.
  • Alpha Access from Keungz and Connections in Web2 and Web3: Kubz NFT holders receive exclusive access to Keungz and his extensive network in both Web2 and Web3.
  • Membership in a One-Stop Launchpad for Web3 Projects: Kubz holders are granted membership in a comprehensive launchpad for Web3 projects, covering strategy, technology, marketing, and community aspects.
  • Yogapetz Booster to Earn $PRANA: Kubz serves as a booster for Yogapetz, enabling users to earn $PRANA.
  • Petzlist Hunter: Kubz NFT holders have the status of being Petzlist hunters.

Treasure Freemint

Below are the rules for minting Kubz: [2]

  • One Kubz NFT Equals One Freemint: Each Kubz NFT allows for one freemint opportunity.
  • Wallet Holder Requirement: Minting requires a wallet holder.
  • Freemint Treasure Distribution: From the Freemint, only uncommon, rare, and legendary treasures can be obtained: 75% Uncommon, 24% Rare, 1% Legendary, and 0% Mythical.
  • No Duplicate Mints: The same Kubz cannot be used to mint twice. For example, if an individual mints a treasure with Kubz #65 and later transfers it to their wallet or sells it on the secondary market, they cannot mint a new treasure with the same Kubz in the new holding wallet.
  • Checker on the Keungz Website: A checker, available live on the Keungz website, can verify the Kubz that have already minted their treasure.

Although the freemint ended in January 2023, those who successfully minted their treasure can trade, transfer, and list their NFTs. The prizes of every treasure include various rare items, such as freemint treasures (mythical and uncommon/rare/legendary). [2]



Kubz Relic

Kubz Relic is a collection of mysterious pixelated box NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Only participants in the Kubz NFT collection auction and holders of a Kubz NFT are eligible for the Kubz Relic collection. holders who craft a Mythical Kubz Relic NFT have the chance to win other valuable NFTs, including , , , and more. [1]



Crafting can be done with at least one Kubz or Genesis NFT. Up to one Genesis and three Kubz, in any combination can be chosen. A relic can also be opened without requiring Kubz or Genesis NFTs. [6]


1x Relic (Uncommon/Rare/Legendary) is required for crafting, and at least 1 Kubz or Keungz Genesis NFT is needed. [6]

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