Metronome (MET) is a fully autonomous  and monetary system, designed in 2017 by Bloq, a U.S. technology company. The native token of Metronome is MET. It was founded by crypto veterans Jeff Garzik and Matthew Roszak.[1]


Metronome was designed in 2017 by Bloq, a U.S. blockchain technology company, with the sole purpose of providing a long-term monetary system.[2][3]

Metronome was founded by Jeff Garzik and Matthew Roszak. The platform supports portability to enable maximum decentralization, even across different blockchains. The first chainhop took place in summer 2019, between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Portability empowers MET owners to choose the chain where they hold their MET for whatever reason they desire, such as security, fee optimization, and governance arbitrage.

Metronome aims to create a protocol that can transfer cryptocurrency across different blockchains. Initially, the Metronome token (MET) was issued as an on Ethereum. Currently, MET can be ported between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.[4][5]

Additionally, Metronome offers advanced payment features such as the ability to send MET to multiple addresses in a single transaction to save on transaction fees and the ability to authorize a set amount of MET to move between two addresses on a recurring basis.[6]

MET Token

MET token has no capped supply and as of December 14th, 2020, it has a circulating supply of 11,172,171 MET. In June of 2018, Metronome held an  and raised $12,110,000.[7]

Metronome Wallet

In November 2018, the team behind the Metronome announced the availability of its mobile wallet for iOS and Android, downloadable via the App Store and the Google Play store, respectively.[8][9]

Strategic Partners

Metronome has strategic partnerships with: Delta Strategy Group, Jaxx, Perkins Coie, Smith+Crown, Zeppelin, and New Alchemy.[6]



Jeff GarzikCo-Founder and Chief Designer
Matthew RoszakCo-Founder
Jordan KrugerManaging Director
Manoj PatidarPrincipal Engineer
Phil GomesCommunications and Marketing
Gabriel MontesBlockchain Engineer
Gustav SimonssonAdvisor, Orchid Labs Inc.
Jim NewsomeAdvisor, Delta Strategy
Don TapscottAdvisor, Blockchain Research Institute
Vinny LinghamAdvisor, Civic
Don WilsonAdvisor, DRW
William MougayarAdvisor, Virtual Capital Ventures
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