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Alchemy Pay (ACH) is a platform connecting fiat and cryptocurrency economies, enabling businesses to accept crypto payments and providing users access to crypto and services. Acting as a bridge between traditional and digital currencies, it aims to drive adoption globally.[1][2][3]


Alchemy Pay, established in Singapore in 2017, operates as a payment solutions provider aiming to bridge the gap between and economies across 173 countries. It offers a variety of services, including on- and off-ramps for and , white-label card solutions, and checkout. The ACH token functions within its network.

Partnered with various enterprises and networks, Alchemy Pay strives to facilitate access to and services globally. Through collaborations with leading entities like and Shopify, it endeavors to enable convenient, secure, and cost-effective transactions for consumers and institutions worldwide.

Moreover, Alchemy Pay plays a founding role in the Infrastructure Alliance (BIA), alongside networks such as and , working to shape the industry. Additionally, as a member of the Singapore Association, it contributes to promoting literacy and fostering a robust talent pipeline for the digital economy in Singapore. [1][4][2][5]

Anti-Fraud Solutions

Alchemy Pay places a high priority on security, aiming to enhance user confidence through the implementation of robust fraud prevention measures and partnerships with regulated and providers. The Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution operates as a non-custodial payment gateway, ensuring that purchased assets are securely transferred to users' or designated platforms without being held by Alchemy Pay.

By leveraging Forter's anti-fraud solutions, Alchemy Pay aims to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, thereby optimizing payment processes and safeguarding user transactions. Furthermore, Sumsub's and verification services are utilized to ensure compliance with regulations and prevent document fraud.[6]


The Treasury section of Alchemy Pay's merchant management system facilitates the viewing and configuration of supported and networks. If a desired token is not listed, users can contact the business team to provide necessary details such as the name, network, icon, contract address, liquidity source, price source, and browser link.

For tokens with liquidity available on supported decentralized or centralized exchanges, only the exchange name and token address are required. Supported exchanges include , , , , and . Alternatively, users can act as , supplying an for Alchemy Pay to acquire token/USDT prices and to notify them to transfer tokens to users. Following token transfer, users must call AlchemyPay's webhook to communicate the outcome. Under this arrangement, AlchemyPay assists in collecting and settling USDT, while users are responsible for transferring tokens to users.[7]


Alchemy Pay On-Ramp

Alchemy Pay offers the Alchemy Pay On-Ramp, aiming to provide users with the ability to purchase directly with through various payment methods. This solution aims to address common challenges faced by newcomers to the space, offering a seamless entry point into the market.

With over 300 payment rails, users can deposit funds using local and global payment methods, facilitating payment acceptance across various services, including exchanges, protocols, and marketplaces. The user-friendly experience prioritizes security measures such as ID verification, facial recognition, and services to enhance security while streamlining the onboarding process for customers.[8][9]

Alchemy Pay Off-Ramp

Alchemy Pay's Off-Ramp feature is designed to facilitate the seamless conversion of holdings into local , simplifying the process for users and enabling direct transfers to their bank accounts globally. By streamlining the conversion process and offering competitive fees, Alchemy Pay aims to provide users with quick and straightforward payouts, enhancing the overall user experience.

Previously, users encountered complexity when selling for , navigating swapping, bridging, and . With Alchemy Pay's Off-Ramp, users can easily select the to sell, specify the amount and desired , and have the platform automate the conversion and fund transfer process. This feature not only benefits users across various but also aims to attract mainstream users to technology by offering greater autonomy over their assets.[9][10]

Alchemy Pay NFT Check-Out

Alchemy Pay's Checkout aims to address the challenges encountered by buyers when purchasing , such as the requirement for specific , intricate transaction processes, and high gas fees. By providing a streamlined solution, AlchemyPay seeks to simplify the purchasing process and mitigate abandonment rates.

The AlchemyPay Checkout offers platforms the capability to enable users to acquire using credit, debit cards, and local payment methods from 173 countries. This solution supports both primary sales and secondary trading, offering users a swift and secure method to access without the complexities of transactions. Moreover, AlchemyPay's Checkout is engineered to be straightforward to integrate, ensuring a seamless experience for creators, developers, and users.[11][12]

Alchemy Pay Crypto Card

Alchemy Pay facilitates businesses in issuing branded cards for their users, available in both physical and virtual formats. These cards operate akin to traditional payment methods and can be conveniently funded with various , including , , , and . Users can employ these cards globally for online and offline transactions, accessing popular platforms like Apple Pay and PayPal seamlessly.

Alchemy Pay's Card solution aims to simplify bank acceptance processes by offering customized cards tailored to each brand. Additionally, users have the flexibility to top up their cards with different and convert between and as required, with specific card types available for different regions and usage scenarios.[13]

Alchemy Pay Crypto Payment

Alchemy Pay's Payment solution facilitates businesses in accepting payments globally, including and other major , aiming to attract new customers while mitigating high fees and chargebacks. The streamlined process, from setup to settlement, ensures simplicity and accessibility.

Customers can opt for Alchemy Pay as the payment option, completing payment at a locked-in exchange rate. Alchemy Pay then converts the payment into the merchant's local currency, with settlement initiated to the merchant's bank account on the next business day. This solution endeavors to support enterprises and merchant networks in accessing the multi-trillion-dollar market with minimal cost and effort, projected to witness annual growth of 20-30% over the next decade.[14]


Alchemy Pay Token ($ACH)

The ACH token, operating as an on the blockchain, plays a vital role within the Alchemy Pay network. It serves purposes such as covering transaction fees, incentivizing network use, and reducing transaction costs. ACH can be traded on various exchanges like , , and .

With a capped supply of 10 billion tokens since its pre-mining on September 4, 2019, ACH aims to function as a bridge between the and realms, facilitating smooth transactions. [15][16]


  • For Businesses: ACH tokens aim to facilitate - transactions in both B2C and B2B scenarios, providing a seamless payment experience on platforms like exchanges, e-commerce websites, and offline retail stores.
  • For Institutions: ACH tokens support financial institutions like banks and fund management firms in providing potential crypto investment services to their clients by enabling the exchange between and assets.
  • For Individuals: ACH tokens aim to enable users to access a range of - services, including shopping, investment, borrowing, and earning interest through . They can utilize ACH tokens for transactions on -linked cards, applications, and software, whether developed internally or by third-party providers.[15][16]


As of April 2024, Alchemy Pay's ACH token has a circulating supply of 7,501,454,432 coins out of a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 coins.

Token Utility Allocation (62% Total):

  • Enterprise Transaction Rewards (40%): Reserved for rewarding enterprises using Alchemy Pay's payment channels and transaction functions for the sale of goods and services. Rewards are unlocked monthly over 60 months.
  • Consumer Transaction Rewards (11%): Allocated for rewarding consumers for transactions conducted through Alchemy Pay's gateways. Rewards are unlocked monthly over 60 months.
  • DeFi Transaction Rewards (11%): Reserved for rewarding transactions within the Alchemy Pay ecosystem. Rewards are unlocked monthly over 60 months.
  • Transaction Mobility (6%): Reserved to facilitate timely transfers and usage of ACH, with restrictions on selling into secondary markets without 1-to-1 replacement.
  • Enterprise Partners (5%): Reserved for incentivizing early enterprise partners to drive use cases and contribute to the ACH community. Unlocked in stages based on agreed milestones.

Stakeholders Allocation (38% Total):

  • Team (18%): Allocated for market expansion and operational growth by the Alchemy Pay team. Unlocked in equal proportions over 36 months.
  • Backers (18%): Funds raised for early development, marketing, and operations, with unlocking varying from 8 to 56 months from the date of the first token listing.
  • Advisors (2%): Reserved as an incentive for the board of advisors for consultation, industry networking, and other resources. Unlocked in equal proportions over 24 months.[16][17]

Global Ambassador Program

The Global Ambassador Program, launched on December 08, 2022, seeks enthusiasts to support Alchemy Pay's global growth. Ambassadors represent Alchemy Pay at events, identify partnerships, and engage with communities. Eligible candidates should have basic knowledge and previous community management experience, with fluency in English and local languages preferred.

Ambassadors receive a fixed monthly salary of 200 USDT, plus bonuses for completing tasks. Participation offers opportunities to become industry experts and gain insights into Alchemy Pay's products.[18][19]

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