Oraichain Token (ORAI) is a data oracle platform that aggregates and connects Artificial intelligence APIs to smart contracts and regular applications[1][2].


Oraichain enables smart contracts to securely access external AI APIs. Artificial intelligence helps enhance smart contracts[3][4].

Smart contracts cannot run AI models. Smart contracts always follows strict rules in which input must be 100% accurate (e.g. signature) for correct output to be generated. But, AI model doesn't give such accuracy (e.g. facial recognition system). Oraichain helps loose some aspects of strictness to obtain better functionality and user experience.


Oraichain offers the following features[5]:

  • AI Marketplace: Users have access to, look up, and choose an ever-increasing AI algorithms and models from different providers around the world.
  • AI Provider: AI developers, individuals, or companies, can have a chance to publish, edit, and manage their work and earn rewards from the users on a global scale.
  • Staking & Earning: Staking means earning. By staking ORAI tokens into one or more validators, users will have a chance to participate in the system as a governor while earning more.
  • Users & AI requests: Users can make different requests to AI services that are not easy to find elsewhere, as the service providers may not have enough resources to provide a stand-alone AI service application.


  1. Chung Dao (CEO and Co-founder): He obtained his Ph.D. in CS from University of Tokyo and he is the Co-founder of Rikkeisoft.
  2. Thao Nguyen (CTO and Co-founder): He obtained his M.S. in CS from HUST and he is the Co-founder of V-Chain, Datohost.
  3. Duc Pham (CPO and Co-founder)
  4. Binh-Minh Nguyen (Blockchain Scientist)
  5. Ba-Lam Do (AI and Blockchain Scientist)
  6. Linh Phan (Head of Business Development)
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